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A Plague Tale: Alicia/Hugo

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

Im suprised, that such a thing hasnt been written yet. Then im going to ask for a Challenge.

It would be a incest story with Alicia and Hugo. I leave it to the Author, if its just between them or if the Parents are also involved. Like, maybe The Father sleeps with Alicia or he dies before he can. Maybe The Mother will sleep with Hugo.

Whether its an AU or canon to the games fic. Alicia and Hugo will come closer to each other, she will take care of him and take his Virginity. I leave it to the Fic, if Alicia has also other Lovers. Like….she seduces someone and pleases him to gain advantages.

I think, i will crosspost this challenge in the Original Thread too, because the Plague tale setting can be used for other middleage/fantasy stuff.

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