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Upgraded Androids Lust

Guest DragginDeesBalls

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Guest DragginDeesBalls

Future Gohan manages to kill 17 triggering an emergency protocol by Dr Gero to ensure that if one of 18 or 17 dies the remaining one could still be used to create Perfect Cell. One second 18 is leaning over her deceased brother then flash of light happens when it clears 17#s body is gone and 18 is different, standing taller and more muscular and most shockingly a giant pillar of flesh between her legs. Unused to having a cock let alone the monster she now wields 18 quickly gives into her lust and sets her eyes on her brothers killer Gohan. 18 fucks Gohan, then Trunks, then Trunk’s mother Bulma, the the rest of the world turning all of the remaining humans into her personal cumdumps. Could extend to her traveling back in time taking her best sluts with her and fucking her brother, Dr Gero and al the Z Fighters

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