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Guest Sorceress Ricky

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Guest Sorceress Ricky

Started writing a story for Avatar and came up with a random theory, every Avatar is meant to have their own spirit animal; Aang had his Flying Bison Appa, Korra had her Polar Bear Dog Naga and Roshi had his Dragon Fang. The Spirit guides are meant to be with them through out the whole of the Avatars life which made me come up with the idea that the Avatar isn’t the only one being reincarnated the Spirit Guide is too. All the way back with Wan Raava decides not only to merge with him but to merge with his Cat Deer Mula. The spirt guide can die before the Avatar but as soon as the Avatar dies so does the guide so that they are reborn together.

Now that the theory is out of the way the challenge is for a story of the Avatars being dominated by the Spirit Guides, doesn’t have to be just the avatar and the guide involved so you can have Naga fucking both Korra and Asami but the Spirit Guide is always the dominate one. Genders of the Spirit Guides can be whatever the author wants but it think it would be better to write them all having dicks even if it means making some of them into futas.

Korra – Nagga

Aang – Appa

Roshi – Fang

Not sure what Kyoshi had but thought it could be interesting if it was a Unagi like the one that lives in the water by Kyoshi Island

Wan – Mula

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