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Guest Synapsor

I like the incest Fics that contain Harry and/or Ron have sex with their Daughters, either each father his own daughter or “swapping”. Same goes for Harry having Sex with Victoire or other Girl in the Family.

My Request is partially inspired by “The Ballad of Harry and Lily”, that contains both of said Characters escape the society to live in hiding and in the process of this, Harry notices how buity and well grown up Lily had been with the Time. His Body reacts to this, but his “civilized self” refuses to get in touch with any sexual thoughts or even behaviour, but this gets harder the more he sees his naked daughter.   Well, if you know the Fic, you will know its content, if not and you are fond to incest, then you can check it out. Its a One-shot.

Anyway, the content of said fic has a Harry that gets slowly attracted and aroused to his daughters physics, but refuses to give into it. Lily doesnt mind this at all. I thought about something similar and would like to read fics that contain a slow process of sexual attraction. While The Fathers (Harry/Ron) refuse to give in and “impure” their angels, they on the other hand dont mind. There might be even some subtle seduction/temptation on their side, either with intentionally or not and just accidentily doing it.

I dont want either of the Father to rape their daughters….not even imagining, no. They are their sweetest and most treasured “Asset” (sorry, i choose this word for lack of any better ones) and wouldnt dare hurting them.

And so it might happen, that Harry might jerk off, while in the Shower….either because of Ginnys refuse for Sex, what he longs for….or IF she is absent (temporary or permanently, so either with some other dude or dead), and he might eventually accidentily think of his daughter. Maybe he catched a short glimpse of her naked Body and despite chiding himself for such abominal thoughts, his mind keeps focusing on it. His movements becoming faster and in the end, he has a really good Orgasm and spilled stuff.

He might use his imagination more often during such doings, but he will tell himself, that it just stays by this….imaginations.  However, in some occassions there might be, that Lily witness her Father under the shower and is interested or atleast curious for his well endowed Body. She will quickly realize, what he is doing and might wonder, if Ginny is giving him the amount of sex, that he longs for or if she is fine with hime masturbate. She might wonder, what he thinks about, when jerking.

Or, maybe Harry has these fantasies about Rose…..or Ron with Lily. The above text, can easily be used for Ron aswell. Incest wouldnt be such a big deal, it is canonically established after all, but Ron also knows, that despite there are other possibilities to “maintain” the magical bloodline, he still is attracted/lusting for Rose….or Lily. But, same as Harry, he wouldnt do anything to hurt them.

I can even imagine a scenario that contain the desperate Fathers talking about their Lust for their daughters…..either subtly or direct. I remember, that i once read a fic about Father-Daughter exchanging….i think, it actually was this name. But their talking was far to much open and “posing” in my eyes. No, i thought about a scenario that let them have a talk about their longings. Maybe one of them already had sex with the daughter. Couldnt say who “breaks first”. Maybe Ron and Harry would be suprised by this, but cant really be upset about this, since he is plagued with the same longing.

So much for the sexual fantasy and masturbating process. But when it finally comes to the act and i think that Lilly/Rose would be the ones who take the initiative. Than i thought about the Fathers still being rather passive and let the daughter be the active, demanding part, using the Father as the Tool to satisfy their urges. A Fic, that i can name with said premise is “dangerour Poison covered in Sugar”. Well, i wouldnt say, that Harry/Ron stay passive forever, but at a certain point (maybe the offering or begging of the Daughter) also get active and give them both the pleasure, that they long for. But even after their First sexual encounters, Harry/Ron would still be insecure about how to deal with it and if that is really alright. I thought that they stay rather passive for most of their encounters. At one of them, Lily might join her masturbating or just showering father and at the side of his naked Daughter, he would get erected. She examines his Manhood and slowly jerking him off, before asking for her father to cum all over her.

I havent thought about the possibility that Ginny might allow Harry to have sex with Lily, honestly….now that i think about it. But it would negate or ruin the premise of my Request. I want the Fathers lustings to be “forbidden”.    Ah, yes. i neither have mentioned the Mothers lust for their Sons or other underage Boys, nor have i thought about it too.

I like the picture of a sexual attracted Ginny or possibly Fleur to their Sons or other Mothers Sons. Especially with Fleur there could be that she not only develops a sexual attraction to a Boy/Teenager, but also craves some new experience or wanting to have a Lover with new stamina in Bed.

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