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incest with Brother/Sister, possible Mother/Son

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

I thought about that in this Story, Brother and Sister have a close Relationship with each other. It can be set in our World or a fantasy one. Im not sure, if the “forbidden” act of sex with blood relatives would be a thing in this Setting as i have some ideas that speak either for or against it.

One story path might be that the Brother has to leave his Sister and Family (possible just the Mother is there only as an Adult) for….reasons. Maybe he would serve for the Army or goes onto travelling for adventurous purposes….whatever. Before he leaves, his Sisters offers to have sex with him, to which he agrees. Im not sure, if this should be their First intercourse or just one of many….But, lets say, i would like if this event would be close to their first one.

During one of their Sessions, their Mother notices, what they are doing, but ont interrupt. Maybe she gets turned on by what she sees. Maybe she will masturbate imagining her Son doing the same.

When the Brother returns, there will either be Sex with him and his Sister or the Mother. The Mother would visit him in his Room or other Occassions, dressed in a Robe or other garment, that shows skin and asks him to have sex with her. He would be suprised by this, but in the end (after some hesitance) fuck his Mother.

His Mother might be some sort of Teacher, showing him the Pleasures of fucking an older Woman, while she uses her Body to give him the greatest Pleasure, possibly daleying his Release….or maybe she would offer things, that her Husband and her never dared to try, like Anal Sex or her Son coming over her Face. Maybe both.

The Relationship between Mother/Son would be deepened, through this, but he would be the closest with his Sister. Whether he does anal with his Sister or not, i leave to the Author. Maybe he and the Sister just do the “normal” stuff, like missionary, she on top and doggy. While Anal...deep throating and stuff is with the Mother.

But no Shitting and pissing stuff please. Im also not a great friend of Dirty Talk, but a little bit is ok.

Maybe the Brother will have some sexual encounters, while he is away from home too.

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