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After Hours, Lost Phoebe Chapters


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These Phoebe chapters would have been cool to see in After Hours.


Girls just want to have fun Part 2:

While Cynthia and Phoebe are in a beach hotel in Sinnoh, Phoebe gets herself naked ahead of Cynthia. Phoebe does some cute poses asking if Cynthia likes her better naked or clothed. She lets Cynthia fondle her body and Cynthia licks Phoebe’s belly button. Cynthia knows Phoebe has a cute body and voice. They spend time in their room’s jacuzzi bath with Cynthia getting washed first as she looks at Phoebe’s body. After Phoebe washes Cynthia’s naked body, she lets Cynthia wash her starting with her back to her frontal and finally her feet. Phoebe also teases Cynthia by standing up in the bath. After their bath, Cynthia applies sunblock to Phoebe in a sexy manner and Phoebe does the same on Cynthia. They go down to the beach for a fun time with Phoebe doing a sexy naked dance for Cynthia


Oiled Down

While hanging out as Anabel’s place, Phoebe decides to give herself a massage with the baby oil, fondling her own breasts, belly, arms, legs and back. Then Anabel helps to finish Phoebe’s sexy massage before getting the same treatment.


Meet and Greet

At a bikini meet & greet for Phoebe, May and Caroline have some intimate time with Phoebe in the VIP lounge. Phoebe tells the mother and daughter duo about her naked body. May fondles the ghost-type trainer’s breasts while Caroline gives oral sex to Phoebe’s vagina. Phoebe then gets a sexy breastfeed from Caroline. Phoebe then does tribadism on May while Caroline watches.


Alolan Dance Party

Phoebe, Nessa, Bea, Mallow and Iris get sexy dance lessons from Olivia. Lenora is recording. It escalates to a lesbian orgy session.


Heating Up

Phoebe spends time at Lavaridge hot springs with Flannery and Whitney. They share views and make out with breast fondling and nipple licking. Whitney fingers herself while watching Flannery and Phoebe 69. Phoebe also plays with their feet.


Stretch Contest

Phoebe is challenged to a sexy naked stretch contest by Korrina. The Unova Bianca also takes part and Cynthia being a late entry.


Ride in the Night

Phoebe spends naked time in a forest with a female Spectrier, a female Sableye, a female Dusknoir and a female Banette.


In Spite of One’s Age

Agatha brings in Phoebe for a game of strip poker. And the loser has to be on bottom for a lesbian session. Hopefully, Phoebe will win. If she does, Phoebe will get to fondle Agatha’s breasts and do a reverse cowgirl position on her.


With One’s Self

After playing with herself in the shower one day, Phoebe decides to make eleven clones of herself for a selfcest orgy using Professor Ivy’s clone machine.


Performance at the Hoenn League

With everyone else out for the night at the Hoenn Pokemon League, Phoebe and Glacia have the place to themselves while Clair gets in to join the lesbian sex session. Glacia would show her sexiness by wiggling her butt.


Girls Just Want to have Fun Part 3

Phoebe is invited to Cynthia’s villa for a Saturday and Sunday weekend. No bras. As a starter, Phoebe massages the topless Cynthia with her hands then her breasts. They play in the villa grounds playing beach ball catch. Then Phoebe does a sexy dance she learned at a strip club. At the poolside of the villa, Cynthia photoshoots Phoebe’s topless figure. They lick each other’s feet at the poolside. They would go for a cute topless swim in the pool. After dinner, the two go to Cynthia’s bedroom and get naked. Phoebe takes her time by stretching her body, even her butt. Fingering herself, Phoebe could feed her pussy juice from her fingers to Cynthia. Then they would do a 69. After that, Phoebe will mount Cynthia’s nipple like a cowgirl. The morning after, Cynthia is surprised when Phoebe is licking her pussy to wake her. That morning, they would have sex in the shower. Cynthia would use the shower head on Phoebe’s pussy, then Phoebe would return the favor. After taking their time, they continue their topless time with Cynthia with Phoebe trying on some of Cynthia’s panties even trying on blue panties as well as Phoebe trying on Cynthia’s bikini bottoms. They would do sexy topless wrestling


I would have loved to see those in the After hours story by Bishonen/Imasuky.

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