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The Neglected Playboy Potter

Guest WizardsWillyWitches

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Guest WizardsWillyWitches

After the Potter home at Godric’s Hollow was attacked by Voldemort while James and Lily were out at an Order of the Phoenix meeting Harry has been neglected by his parents for his younger brother Charlus who is being hailed as the Boy-Who-Lived by the wizarding world. The only one of him family and friends of his family that still pays any attention to him is his Godfather Sirius Black even though he spends noticeably more time with Charlus than Harry too. A lot of the time Sirius is just using Harry to attract woman who are turned on by the apparently caring/fatherly front that Sirius is putting on when around them with Harry. Having given up trying to get any attention from his neglectful parents Harry instead chooses to idolize and try to imitate Sirius turning himself into a playboy and spends his time seducing beautiful woman from both the magical and muggle worlds. Charlus even though his is still revered by the man population of the magical world, the woman of the end up idolizing Harry for his prowess over his brother and ignore him when ever he tries to approach them in favour of his playboy brother.

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