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Wonder Woman in different scenarios

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

Well, while looking for some Wonder woman pics (real an comic/fanart) and remembering the Storyline of Injustice (the videogames, not the comics, because i dont know the Books) i thought about Wonder Woman be in different scenarios.

  1. Basically the same story as in Injustice, with Superman turning evil/tyrannic and so on. Here i would like HIS Diana to join him (which she already does anyway) and they have some good sex. She is turned on by his “leadership”, possibly dom/sub stuff.
  2. Superman corrupts the Alternative/good side Wonder Woman into his fellowship and they have sex too. I leave it that 2 wonder women fight against each other for the action purpose and sake.
  3. A Crossover with other Media characters like Lara Croft, Cassandra Alexios (assassins creed Odyssey), Vampirella, Witchblade and so on. Lesbian and Hetero relationships and sex is allowed.
  4. Clark and Diana have an either secret relationship, with a bit of remorse about their afffair (with or without cheating)
  5. Diana gets put under sexual stimulation or mind control and in this, she practices all kinds of sexual acts, including anal (but please no urophilia or koprophilia...the stuff that you do on a toilet). She also gets turn on with Anal, and might wonder, if its her own affinity or the corruptional influence.
  6. Diana gets into the old Greek or egypt setting, where she meet another female and gets attached to her. Possible sex with her and more than one female and/or sex with several men. Also, Clothings might be rather unpresent, so a large amount of time she would be either skimpy clad or naked.
  7. Diana finds and/or rescues a teenage boy, who develops a crush on her. For whatever reason they either meet often at that Point or they live under the same roof (i leave the reason to the Author). Here with the time, Diana gets attached to the Boy aswell (if she wasnt from the beginning) and a sexual tension builds up between them with him accidentily catches glimpses of her naked body or him try to steal a glance, when she is just clothed in a Towel or bathsuit. Needless to say, he would get turned on and masturbate to this. Maybe Diana would also get some pleasure with fantasies about the Lad and they would have Sex eventually. And yes, this would be underage sex. Older Woman/younger Man (boy) is my liking, also in Manga/doujinshi regions. I think Diana having sex with a teenage boy (or lets say underage boy) is quite a hot scene to imagine.
  8. as an addition to Point 7: A scenario that contain Diana home island with said Boy, she encountered with her getting him to her Home….and the other females are welcoming him with their “special treatment”….with this, i would like be open for the Island to have Teenage Boys wandering around.
  9. Also, putting Points 3 and 6 together, i imagined a scenario with all the female heroines taking a Bath and atleast one of them might be Lesbian or Bi and delightingly observing their Bodies. She might have told the others, that she is into females too, or not. Especially with the Ancient Egypt or whatever, i can imagine some hot female that serves in this time having an eye for Diana or Lara.
  10. Diana fighting naked, not caring about her condition, because ….well, it is either not important or her Bloodlust makes her ignore it. She gets bathed in her Enemies Blood….which might even turn her on.
  11. well, writing 10 gave me the idea of Diana possibly being a nudist and like to go around naked or atleast with as few clothings on her Body as possible. This would of course be the Case on her Island or some other Place.
  12. More a comedy aspect, than a rather serious one, atleast i dont know, how to pack it into a serious story: Diana defeating an Enemy and protecting the Earth and/or her home by having sexual intercourse with the Enemy….with possible alll kinds of practices (excluding the ones, i dont like, mentioned in Point 5).
  13. Diana and Bondage, on this im curious about the Artists original intention for Diana to make her submissive for Bondage...or more correctly, Diana having a thing for Bondage. With this i would like Stories with her getting bound up, whether it being Chains or ropes or whatever. Maybe she even wears a full-body Suit that gets stretched tight at her Body. Im not into SM, though.


If there are already stories with my Requirements out there, please give me the link. Otherwise take this plotbunny. A story can contain multiple of the above Points.

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