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Blonde and Black

Guest Shira

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Guest Shira

While Jiraiya is having fun at a brothel, he doesn’t know that his goddaughter Naruko was being double penetrated by two black men, the Raikage and killer Bee. 

  • Female Naruko
  • Instead of training Naruko, Jiraiya sends her to train alone and went to the brothel.
  • The Raikage and Killer Bee in the same town and meet Naruko while she is training.
  • The Raikage and Killer Bee help Naruko in her training, but with time they seduce her, because their plan is to make her join their village willingly.
  • Naruko becomes addicted to having sex with the Raikage and Killer Bee, and after she learns that the Jinchūrikis are respected in Kumogakure she decides to join them.
  • Timeskip:  Naruko is a mother to the Raikage’s and Killer Bee’s children.
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