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Ginny gets 2 girls for Harry, Post-Hogwarts

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

I imagined that Ginny would, as the title tells, get 2 girls for a Night of Fun for Harry. Harry and Ginny would be both mature, as this would happen post-hogwarts and after the War. So Harry is physically built as a Man.

Maybe he at one Point would suggest that he would like to shag younger ones…..or Ginny might come up with this as a suprise for him, being it for Birthday or Wedding day anniversary. The Girls would be as mentioned younger ones. i thought that they are underage, still being pupils, but wouldnt say no for a shag with Harry.

I leave it to the Fic, if Ginny being one of a Cuckqean and watching them while possibly masturbating herself or leaving them but listen to their sounds (while masturbating)


While im writing this….maybe, Ginny secretly doses them with Love Potion for them to admire Harry and depending on their experiences would erase their memories of the fuck.

I leave this possibility open and think i accept both, but i guess i prefer the mutual scenarion.

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