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Uzumaki Family x Raikage

Guest Shiro

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Guest Shiro

Naruto caught Hinata cheating on him with the Raikage, but instead of breaking up with her, Naruto decides to find out what is so special about the Raikage that made sweet and shy girl like Hinata to become a cheating slut. 

Raikage x Hinata x Naruko(Oiroke no Jutsu)


1- Naruto asks the Raikage to fuck Hinata in front of him to see if Hinata enjoying sex with the Raikage more than with him.

2- Hinata convinces Naruto to use Oiroke no Jutsu and let the Raikage fuck him so he could understand why she cheated on him with the Raikage.

3- Naruto finds himself enjoying having sex as a woman more than as a man. 

4- Naruto rejects the Hokage position and move to Kumogakure along with Hinata and their children.

5- Time-skip: Hinata and “Naruko” become the Raikage's wives, both of them pregnant with the Raikage children after Naruto chose to sty as Naruko forever.


Optional: Hinata already gave birth to Boruto and Himawari. Boruto is forced to become “Boruko” and given along with Himawari to Yurui(the genin that Boruto cheated to defeat him in the chunin exam).

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