Haunted house


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Me my mom and dad had moved to a new city the house is a two story and it was cheap after we moved in we found out a 17 year old girl was killed in the house she had her boyfriend over and they was about to have sex when her dad caught them she was accidentally knocked down the stairs by her dad and broke her neck

That night I felt something sucking on my dick as I slept I saw that my sheets looked like someone was under them but when I pulled them off I just saw my dick until I cummed and saw my cum floating before disappearing because I could say anything it felt like someone was riding my dick and then I heard a woman say "Why can't I feel it" and she kept repeating as she emptied my balls

For a week that was my nights I haven't told anyone about it because I doubted anyone would believe me but after a week she didn't come I thought she was gone but the next day my mom was acting different she was rushing dad out like she couldn't stand the sight of him when he went for their usual goodbye kiss she moved out of the was she then told me that she wanted me in my room and she'll be there in a minute

When she came in she was wearing some sexy lingerie and she said now she'll finally be able to taste and feel that dick making me realize that the ghost is possessing my mom I asked why she's in my mom she said she accidentally found herself in this milf yesterday and found out that she feels every thing she feels and now she going to finally have sex with a body as she was coming to me I asked her why she didn't do my dad and she said two reasons one she doesn't like older men and two she hates dads because hers ended up killing her

So I ended fucking her in she did want me to wear a condom so I planned on pulling out when I needed to cum but she always had me cum inside after a few hours we both was exhausted and she came out of my mom and I could see her she gave me a kiss and said thanks for the great "first time" and disappeared I heard my door open and closed and saw that my mom had left I believed it was going to be awkward around each other for a bit but when I saw her later she was acting normal

The next day after mom gave dad his kiss goodbye she walked to me on the couch sat on my lap and pulled me into a kiss and Asked if I would prefer to fuck her here my room or hers shocking me she told me that she remembered everything that ghost did and she even told me that she never got fucked that good before and its not going to be the last

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