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Request ichiruki cheating

Guest Hades69

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Guest Hades69

Hello is anyone interested in writing this

Ichigo is married to Orihime and Rukia to renji but they are unhappy with their spouses. Ichigo doesnt have sex with Orihime because he is too well hung and it scares her (kazui was conceived in vitro). Rukia has unfulfilling sex because renji has a small dick and mix sexual stamina. One night Rukia goes in the humain World and sees Ichigo masturbating alone at his desk. She is surprised and turned on by his size and notices he is masturbating to petite women like her and is moaning her name instead of Orihime. She decides to seduce him using the fact that only Ichigo can see her (Orihime lost her ability to see spirits because she stopped using her powers). So one night while he is dining with his wife he sees rukia in spirit form naked who looks at him and touches herself while moaning his name. After this event, Rukia explains to Ichigo why she did that.He is turned on but wants to stay faithful to his wife even though he no longer loves her. But Rukia decides to continue trying to seduce him by showing him her body every night. He tries not to succumb but one night the temptation is too strong. When Rukia arrives to his house, she only finds his body, suddenly Ichigo appears in shinigami form. He kisses Rukia and they have a passionate night. They decide they want to continue their affair (if possible there should be a scene where they are fucking like beasts in front of Orihime who cant see them)

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