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Hermione being a prostitue in Malfoys business

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

I dont know, if posting other sites links in here is i will say that i got this idea by looking at deviantart in search for dramione nc-17 pictures. There are photo manipulated pictures with Malfoys and Hermiones actors and Bodies in sexual positions. One of those shows Him in a Suit with Hermione flashing on him and showing herself nude for him.

Well, i thought that Hermione might be working for Malfoys “Business”, he might be the owner of some club, whether “proper” ones or for the more fleshy pleasures. Hermione, in this story, would like to have sex. Thats why she works for him. She knows, that she would be payed of well and have satisfied her carnal desires. She would have clear Slytherin, so cunning persona. Draco might be in love with her, atleast he is attracted. Doesnt mind her having sex with “his” customers. Possibly even watching them/her and starting to get turn on by her performance. Maybe he is married….or in a Relationship.

To said picture, i would imagine a scene as Draco have decided to do some plans for his establishment and coming to inform her, while she shows herself in her naked glory, offering her Body to take. Draco, although tempted, states that this wouldnt be the time and they need to talk. Hermione usually would always get Draco to have an erection, no matter how hard he denies.

I think, he would mention Pansy once (whether his wife or relationship or one of his admirers) to which Hermione would mockingly downgrade her as Pansy just “being a girl”, while she (hermione) would be a Woman...a scarlet Woman, possibly and also know the desires and urges of her Boss.

I imagine that Hermione would have many or atleast some privileges, since she is the most desired one of her Boss. Hermione would give her customers some “discount”, depending on their attractivity and good lookings. Maybe even take the one or other Virginity. By Customers, that she has the most fun or who she finds very attractive, she would give a Free Session…..because Hermione is more eager for a good shag, than being paid (its her Boss, Draco….or one of her Bosses who pays her after all). But Draco wouldnt allow this….atleast not on any good looking/attractive Guy who crosses her way. She is supposed to earn Money after all (in his eyes…..atleast he would bring up this reason)

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