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Harry Potter, uncle Vernon's perfect wife

Guest Kinkyfan

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Guest Kinkyfan

I recently read a story called “Uncle Vernon” by msmin and it gave me an idea.

I want to see a story where uncle Vernon decides to punish fem Harry by fucking her in front of Petunia and Dudley. At first Harry is disgusted but the taboo of the incest and having people watching starts to excite her. Vernon notices this and really gets into it. Afterwards, Vernon finds any excuse to fuck/punish Harry. Petunia is all for it at first because why not? She can't stand her niece and the more Vernon fucks her, the less she has to deal with his sexual needs. But it starts to bother her when it becomes more often, more consensual and more intimate. For example why does Vernon no longer let Dudley watch or what are the duo whispering to each other during the punishment? By the time Petunia wants to confront Vernon about it, it's too late. Vernon kicks her out because he's fallen in love with Harry. She's the perfect housewife. She cooks, cleans and now enjoys sex with him. So what's he need Petunia for now?


I really want to see scenes like at first Vernon fucks Harry during breakfast or after work. Then they get more private like having sex in his office with the door locked or in the garage alone.

I also want Harry to be about 13 or 14 when everything starts

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