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Draco/Scorpius and maybe Draco/Albus

Guest Synapsor

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Guest Synapsor

I read “A Burn i cant soothe” on archive of your own and in it, Malfoy watches his Son and Albus shagging. He masturbates through this and a time later, Scorpius confronts him with this. He gets seducing and tempts him with fucking Albus too next time.

Well, unfortunately, the story doesnt go further, as its finished. Nor is there any continuation. So i thought, i might give a Request for this. I would like to read Draco having sex with Scorpius or fantasizes about it…..then he might witness scorpius and Albus have sex and wishes he could join.

Alternatively, there can be Draco/Scorpius with Harry/Albus and both Fathers shag with their sons and exchange them.  There is on the story “Father Daughter exchange” and there is also a Mother Son one. So Scorpius might decide (with albus), that he wants to shag the other dad. or their Dads decides this.

I would imagine Scorpius being one of the seductive type, teasing and maybe blue balling the targetted person. Albus on the other hand could be the shy one...or he pretends to be that one. i could imagine premature ejaculation from either Albus or his older Partner.

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