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Draco/Narcissa and/or Draco/Bellatrix

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Guest Synapsor

I dont know, if my last Request wasnt registered, or refused without a reason, so i try it again.

I would like to read some Fictions with the above titled Pair.  I guess, its easy to imagine Draco and his Mother Narcissa do have a deep(er) connection and Bond with each other. Narcissa never stops cherishing her Son and trying to protect him. While Draco, for his part, during the Canon final Battle even used his Mothers Wand, since the loss of his own. Now i know that this arent any Signs, but they are definitely inspirations for me to give a Plot Bunny to other Writers. I dont know, however, how Lucius might fit into this. Maybe he isnt there at all or the Story takes place after the War with him in Prison or its partially or completely AU. With his Harsh teachings of Pureblood Pride that he endures by him, he experiences rather “calm” and warm lessons by his Mother and this is what arouse him about her. She might be taken aback, when he doesnt follow the one or other Step of Pureblood, but she wouldnt refuse him.

And during his Puberty time, he might find himself attracted to his mother, who might be suprised but doesnt mind. They have sex, alot. While i dont expect any form of Pregnancy...i would imagine, that if Draco doesnt find any partner to get on with, Narcissa would offer her Body to give Birth to their child.

As for Draco/Bellatrix, this can also either be canonicall or AU. With canonical (or partially), i think, that Draco, despite knowing how crazy his Aunt is, cant help but find some attraction in this. Or with an AU one that kept her beauty, i can imagine that it would be easier for him to fall for her. As the Title says, Draco can have sex with both….and whether Narcissa knows that her Son is also shagging her Sister or not. Or she has nothing to do with her Son, but finds out about their Sessions. She might have an opinion to this, but she wont refuse it.

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