Akari's love


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Akari fell for Irida the first moment she saw her and after she completed what Arceus asked of her she decided to confess Irida felt the same way and led Akari to if in the village Akari's home or at the pearl clan her own home and the two had sex

A week into their relationship (your choice if you want to show what happens during that week is up to you) when a new force appears its a group of women who hate men (both people and pokemon) and plans to wipe them out and have a utopia of just women Akari tried to reason with them and was taken

Irida worked hard to find out were her girlfriend was and when she found her she went in alone to save her Akari was saved but she was forever charged she told Irida that the women injected something into her and some of the women started talking turns raping her

Irida tried to comfort her girlfriend only to feel something poking her Akari looked away embarrassed and pulled her pants off show her girlfriend that she now has a dick and feeling Irida turned her on Irida not sure what to do due to she only ever been with Akari let Akari led

Akari lust was at a all time high and Irida felt like she needed help because she and Akari found that the stuff that Akari was injected with was an experiment on a drug that they make to let women who take it keep the dick but it makes them have near uncontrollable lust (the one they use now works only for a few hours) and considered considered an failure Akari was lucky enough to have some control of her lust show Irida told Akari that if she needs sexual pleasure and she not around to have some fun with another woman

Women who Akari has sex with while she tries to defeat the amazon's are

Her girlfriend Irida







Her female Gardevoir

Her female Lopunny

Her lilligant

Any one else is up to you

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