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The characters can be the original ages or they can be Shippuden ages

Naruto learned a second jusu from the Scroll of seals he couldn't read the name because it has faded the next day he used the lust jusu and thought it failed he ran into Hinata who couldn't control herself and told Naruto that she loves him and asked if he'll go out with her Naruto was shocked but agreed after the date Hinata told Naruto that she wants him to fuck her and the two loses their virginity to each other 

The following days was sex filled for them and Hinata noticed that women was looking at her Naruto differently now when to was time to find out the teams Sakura and Ino had tried to ask Sasuke out but he turned them both down and they blamed the other they saw Naruto and couldn't control themselves and threw themselves at him Naruto tried to resist them and not cheat on Hinata 

Hinata ended up catching Sakura and Ino giving Naruto a double blowjob she forced them away from him and started having sex with him in front of them

The team that Naruto has Hinata and Sakura with Kurenai during training Hinata does her best to keep Sakura from Naruto and Kurenai has to keep herself thinking of Asuma around Naruto 

After about 2 weeks Hinata comes to an agreement with Sakura and Ino she'll let them become join her and Naruto's relationship but they have to be their side chick they agree and Hinata has them prove it by satisfying her now as the girls was having a threesome Naruto was meeting with Kurenai who couldn't resist any longer and has sex with him

Any other woman that join the harem is up to you 

The lust jusu makes it so every member of the opposite sex to want the caster of there are multiple users then anyone under the effect is immune to the effect because it only works on the once they have sex with the caster  meaning Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Kurenai can't be affected by anyone else who use it if a female used it Naruto wouldn't be effected by her and she wouldn't be effected by him do to the jusu can't effect one who use it

Hinata is the number one and the other girls in the harem can have sex with the other girls in Naruto and Hinata's harem 

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