Danny's girl


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Takes place during Maternal Instincts

Maddie (who wasn't wearingthe Fenton specter deflector) and Danny started to bond in the woods and was trying to fall asleep but Danny was having trouble because of his sexy milf of a mom was next to him in her underwear (she said sleeping in her jumpsuit was uncomfortable)

Maddie noticed that Danny wasn't going to sleep and asked him what was wrong Danny told her that he's having a hard time falling asleep she told him that she'll do everything that she could to help him go to sleep Danny told her that she's not going to want to she then noticed his erection and realized why he can't sleep she looked Danny in the eyes and told him he can't tell anyone what she's about to do especially your father

Maddie pulled down Danny's pants and started to give him a blowjob after swallowing his cum Maddie thought that they was done after all the only other man she been with was Jack and after he cums he's done but she noticed that Danny's dick was still hard after debating with herself she told Danny as she took off her underwear that it was going to be a one time thing and had then had sex with Danny

As they was flying back in the helicopter they was talking about the trip and Danny told her that his favorite part was the woods Maddie smiled at him turned auto pilot on and told him that that was her favorite to and started to have sex on the return trip

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