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You are a 18 year old guy who got offered to test an experimental drug you and everyone was in rooms by Yourself and as you leave you overheard that the drug was considered a failure and all but you showed side-effects one guy got nipples on his forehead a woman became very very hairy another man got breasts and anther lost his sight and the last one you heard was woman got horny and is currently trying to get people (male and female) to fuck her in an orgy

I was allowed to leave because I had no side-effects at least that what they thought as I was got home i saw my neighbor leaving for work and his wife kissing him bye when she saw me she came to talk to me like she always does (about her she's a milf and I saw her at a party my mom threw even drunk she refused to cheat when a guy tried to get her to let him fuck her) as we was talk I  noticed that she was acting funny she asked me if I could follow her she wanted my help with something she lead me to her bedroom and took off her clothes and asked me to fuck her I couldn't resist

When I got home I passed my mom and sister I told them that I was going to take a shower as I was showering the door opened and my 19 year old sister came in and relocked the door she joined me in the shower and had me fuck her when I got to my room my naked my 37 year old milf of a mom was on my bed and said fuck until your dad gets home just like the neighbor and my sister i couldn't resist and started fucking her

Later that night my door opened and both my mom and sister came in wearing nothing but lingerie they said that they was going to sneak in and found out that both was doing the same thing and decided to cum together and started to kiss each other before joining me on my bed

any thing else that happens is up to you 

the side-effects that he was he is  releasing a pharammones that makes women horny and wants to have sex with him no matter what and it increases his sex drive the reason they thought he had no side-effects was because the  scientists who was checking on him was male

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