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Ginny and the Cursed Nipple clamps

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Ginny end up with a set of a Cursed Nipple clamps that she can’t take off or tell anyone about.They are under something similar to the fidelius charm. Other people can interact with them but they don’t see anything wrong with them.

they make it so Ginny Nipples never lose sensitivity(and cause no last damage no matter how long she where’s they). They also tease and stimulate her nipples with pleasure and pain. 

the reason they are cursed is because they get the Wearer addicted to the Nipple Pain and Pleasure and then abandon them once they need the pain and pleasure to find another victim to start conditioning down the path of Nipple Pain and Pleasure addiction.(they also make permanent magical modifications to the wearers nipples so they can’t be permanently damage even after they have abandoned the old user)

as for when Ginny comes across the clamps, either in 

  1.  grimmauld place during 5th year while cleaning
  1.  6th year when her Father finds them as part of his job as the head of Misuse of Muggle Artefacts(mabye he find them on the last job before going home and takes them home in of dropping them at the office) he leaves them in a box on the table only for Ginny in the night to find them and be compelled to put causing everyone to Arthur(and everyone) else to forget about them until they abandon Ginny and move onto someone else maybe have them go to Hermione,Fleur,etc Next being passed around threw the Weasley Women)
  1. During Seventh year in the Room of requirement.
  1. While shopping after graduation 

The Nipple clamps also have some beneficial magic like magic that makes it so the current and past wearers don’t need Bra, and while the person is wearing the. No one Noticed of they have their Tits out.(the clamps could even modify the wearers cloths to make it so their Tits are always uncovered)

mabye also magic to make it so their feelings never dull so the Humiliation, excitement, Embarrassment, arousal of having their tits exposed(and other things) never Dulls, Training them to be a exhibitionist.


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She could also find them in Bill’s room, like maybe he caught them between people and was trying to break the curses on them as practice 

Or maybe Fleur was the person with them and then they finish conditioning her and abandon her to move onto Ginny, when she is staying at the Weasley’s During sixth year.

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2 hours ago, Guest Easywriter said:

Or maybe instead, someone has a use of Ginny, and the clamps stop hurting when she’s doing that someone’s bidding ^-^

Sure if you want to do it that way. I would just be Happy to see something with Ginny and Magical/Enchanted/Cursed Nipple Clamps.

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