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Guest Breeding Kink Addict

Title: Undecided (Temp: A Family Affair)

Length: three chapters (long chapters)

Tropes/Genres: Hermaphrodite Hadrian Potter, Hadrian is the youngest child of James and Lily (born June 21st, 1987), Lily dies giving birth to a stillborn daughter in 1990, Hadrian's oldest brother, William, is the-boy-who-lived, James retires from Aurors and becomes a healer, Sirius retires as well, Hadrian has five older brothers - born July 31st 1979 (William), 1981 (Corey), 1982 (Briar and Basil), and 1984 (Quentin), the Potters (Charlus and Dorea) have two sons (Alatair and Aquila), and seven grandchildren (Antares, Lesath, Alioth, Castor, Cassius, Leander, Mira, and Antoinette - 5 Males, 2 Females), Alioth is happily married,  Aquila is a widowed, Sirius was married but divorced his cheating wife, Sirius has two sons (Lysander (b. 1982) and Alessander (b. 1984)), Remus and (older) Tonks have three sons (Theodore (b. 1979), Edward (b. 1981), and Edmond (b. 1981)), Peter Pettigrew is in jail for being a death eater. Kinky magical sex toys must be involved, graphic sex (all occuring), possessive-obsessive male lovers, incest, pregnancies, double penetration (one hole), cum stuffing, heavy breeding kink...

Summary: the Potter Families, Black family and Lupin family are celebrating their youngest member's, Hadrian's, Sixteenth birthday. However, Peter has been planning his revenge for years, a dose of insatiable lust potion in James's drink - by a sneaky Rosier house elf, which is tied to his youngest son and when James throws himself on Hadrian it will destroy his family and reputation. Except it doesn't go as plan.

The potion is distributed in smaller doses to the entire group by a rebellious house elf to lessen the effects of the potion. However, the potion triggers Hadrian's dormant Succubus gene awakening and forcing a breeding imperative on him. He barricades himself in his room, embarrassed.  There's no cure for the reaction and the imperative can kill Hadrian if not fulfilled. 

Everyone...erm... contributes.

CHAPTER ONE - (Sex and Impregnation)


Discovering (2 months later) the number of offspring,  the genders, and parentage! Who will raise the kids? Where will they live? Who will take responsibility for Hadrian and marry him?

Hadrian carries 12 offspring in a single pregnancy from multiple fathers (This is a work of fantasy -  let me fucking dream about the cum inflation and the results: his bulging belly)

Mira carries 3 of Hadrian's children, Antoinette carries 2, Tonks (the highly fertile and randy witch she is) is carry Hadrian's five children.

CHAPTER THREE - (Epilogue)

A look into the domestic life of Hadrian  and his second pregnancy, pregnant wives, and spoiling husbands


Please post completed story's link in this post!!!! Thank you.


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