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Challenge/Request: Hermione's Summer Enslavement

Guest CyberDragonEX

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Guest CyberDragonEX

Hermione x Slytherin student.
(Can be any Slytherin student of writers choice, including an OC or Female student)

In the summer after third year, a Slytherin student decides to enslave Hermione – their reason can be anything from “Revenge for her punching Draco” to simply wanting her.

At the start of Summer, the kidnap Hermione, charming her parents to think she’s with her friends, while sending a forged letter to her friends to make them think she’s staying with her parents for the summer.

As for Hermione, she wakes up in a guest room in her captor’s home, wearing nothing but an enchanted collar.  Thus begins her Summer of Slave Training – which ends with her “willingly” dropping out of Hogwarts (and actually living in a hidden Trunk Apartment in her new master’s trunk).

A big part of the plot is the Collar itself.  Its actually enchanted with a variety of spells meant to aid in training a pet – none of which are actually dark, since they’re MEANT for training animals, but which are being used for dark ends.  Enchantments include:

-Magical Boundary enforcement – to keep the “pet” from wandering into the wilderness.  Magical equivalent of an invisible fence.
-Magical reinforcement – to prevent the collar from snapping/being gnawed off.  The lock itself is also enchanted, so that only the owner can remove it.
-Tracking – so the owner can find their “pet” if its hiding.
-Calming charms – prevents the animal from attacking in fear/anger.
-Mild Confundus – pacifies the animal, making it easier to train.
-Toggleable Cheering Charm – runs at a low level passively, making the animal relaxed.  Can be ramped up as a reward for good behavior, shut off as punishment for bad, and various other tricks (such as staying ramped until the animal moves to teach them to maintain certain poses aka Sit, stay.)

As a side note, the collar isn’t some fancy item.  Its a muggle dog collar (braided fabric collar, plastic clip, metal ring for hanging pet tags/bell/etc.)

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Guest CyberDragonEX

Only other thing I can think of is a possible Fem!Harry tie-in, if you wanted to do so.

Have Harry have been the original target, but the Wards prevented it, so the Slytherin went after Hermione instead.  That could lead into a sequel/part two where the now well-trained Hermione lures Harry out of safety and into her owner’s hands.

(Said sequel could either take place during fourth year, with Fem!Harry imprisoned inside a different apartment-compartment of the Trunk, or the summer AFTER fourth year, with Fem!Harry thinking she’d be reconnecting with a friend while the weasley’s and others are ignoring her.)

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Guest CyberDragonEX

For the compartments – They’d be the logical combination of the compartment Moody was trapped in during 4th year, and the expanded tents.  Basically the same as a Wizard’s tent, just with a Trunk outside instead of a tent.  If you mean how they’d be hidden?  I figured instead of an obvious keyhole, the Slytherin would have to touch a certain spot on the trunk and give a password (maybe also have it keyed to their magic signature).

Body Hair/Piercings – I hadn’t really given it much thought, I’d just planned to leave it up to anyone who took the challenge.  For the piercings, I’d say yes but not permanently (wouldn’t want to scar the pets).  Something like piercings enchanted to heal the wound once removed, or just actually healing them once removed.  As for hair?  I’d remove it, leaving them with silky smooth skin.  You probably turn it into a “dehumanizing” scene where they’re strung up, forced to watch as their body hair is removed, or made to stand still and let it happen (depending on how well trained they are) and then a potion is applied that prevents it from regrowing (possibly with the addition of the potions having an aphrodisiac effect, so that they wind up subconsciously linking the humiliation and powerlessness to arousal).

Honestly however, as long as the really disgusting kinks are avoided (scat, watersports, guro, etc.), I don’t really HAVE a preference.

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