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Hello all!

This is a story I started last year, however I was never really happy with it. I never really had a idea were the plot was going and kind of meanders along, although I do feel it has alot of potential with the interactions between Helena, Christie, Victor, and Marie.

Feel free to take the story in any way you want, I look forward to any ideas or additions.



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Guest Inapplicable

GenreDead or Alive
Pairing: Helena Douglas, Christie, Victor Donovan, and Marie Rose
Summary: During the events of Dead or Alive 5, the CEO of DOATEC, Helena Douglas, sends individuals to deal with Victor Donovan’s plans. However, she has open to attack, and Victor and his femme fatale companion have other plans for the sexy singing sensation.
Chapters: 3
Basic plot: Helena Douglas is confronted on her cruise liner by Victor and Christie, who proceed to use Helena servant, Marie, to forced Helena to humiliate herself. Victor wants revenge for the destruction of his oil rig.
Contact info: 

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