Lover's license

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After getting drunk Homer decided to sell some stuff Bart saw that Homer put his and Marge's marriage licence up for sell and bought it because he didn't want some weirdo to buy it and become married to Marge (Bart doesn't know how marriage licence works)

The next morning he was going to give it back to his parents but when Marge sees it she is shocked to learn that she and Homer doesn't actually have a marriage licence instead they have a lover's license and it says that Marge is the lover of who ever owns it 

Marge tells Homer that not only that they actually get married they have to make sure that they make sure that they keep the lover's license out of the wrong hands after Homer tells Marge that he ended up selling it to Bart and that he'll get it back before trying to kiss her but Marge stopped him and said sorry Homer walking over to Bart she kisses him

After getting kissed by Marge he watched her kick Homer out if the house and then Marge took Bart to his new room with her and they had sex

How many chapters is up to you

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