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Harry Potter - The Man of Power


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Well, this is going to be [1] of [2] challenges that I would post up on this Harry Potter section, and I hope that some people take an interest in it, and hopefully, attempt to try it themselves. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner writer, or someone who has been around the block a few times when it concerns writing Harry Potter.


  • Due to reasons unknown; There is a large number of Witches compared to Wizards, making it a female Dominated world when it comes to women in positions of power, or with the power of relationships/marriages.
  • Following on with that previous point; Witches are more powerful ‘Magically’ then Wizards.
  • Harry absorbed a portion of the Dark Lady’s power, making him the most powerful Wizard that has been seen in Centuries.
  • Witches crave power and it arouses them when they sense/witness a Wizard – or Witch – with great power. Harry is like a large wildfire, and it draws them in closer to him.
  • Hogwarts start after first average maturity; 13 years of age. So, when they complete their magical education, they will be 20 years of age.



  • Harry is not raised by the Dursleys, instead, someone from the neutral factor or perhaps from the ‘Dark Faction’ (I.E, Narcissa Malfoy, or Bellatrix Lestrange)
  • As Harry continues to age and grow, so too does his magical power thanks to the power that he absorbed as a baby.
  • Due to his immense magical power and influx of hormones, Harry starts puberty at the age of 11.
  • To further benefit the cause of keeping Harry ‘chained’ to the ‘Grey’/’Dark’ side, he is forced into an arranged Marriage with Flora and Hestia Carrow, despite them being a few years older than him. They just don’t realise that instead of ‘Chaining’ him down, that just made him crave power or to dominant those that tried to dominate him.


  • No Slash/Yaoi
  • Harry MUST still have Hedwig
  • Harry is to be sorted into either Slytherin OR Hufflepuff. Slytherin is easily explained due to his nature. However, he could be sorted into Hufflepuff, and no one will ever suspect him of anything.

Smut/Lemon fic

Depends on you. (You can decide on if you want to indulge in that or not)


  • Harry in this is NOT nice for no reason! He grew up in a ‘Grey’ or ‘Dark’ family. Thus, he takes opportunities, and he is cunning. He might not like placing people in life-threatening danger, but he does take advantage of things.
  • He is NOT ‘Dark’, nor is he ‘Good’, he does what best benefits him and those he cares about.


Harry x Harem

  • Main Girls; Flora and Hestia Carrow (The Slytherin Twins) [They are not seen enough for pairings, wish to change that]

Main Tags/Categories

  • Maledom (Harry only)
  • Harem (Harry Only)
  • Dom/Sub
  • Cunning Harry
  • Manipulative Harry


  • Only one, and that is Voldemort is a woman, making her a Dark Lady.


Anyways, I do hope that this was enough to garner some interest with y’all. You can always comment on some things that you want to find out, or we can get into communication if you want to take this on.

Have a great day/night.

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