The sex tape

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Marge has been trying to make a sex tape with Homer (why she thinks it would be hot to to see her and Homer on tape) but Homer doesn't want to make one

One day when Mr. Burns was having his employees on a "optional" bonding trip with the optional part being go or be fired Marge gave Homer his suitcase when he opened it with a note that said "Since you don't want to make a snuggle tape I found someone who will"

It then changes to the simpsons house Bart was setting up the camera as he was the man got to replace Homer what all they did is up to you

At the end of the story Homer returns only to find his stuff no longer in his and Marge's room it's now in Bart's room and on the bed that was his and Marge's he found a tape that said Marge and Bart snuggle tape

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