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Harry Potter Mommydom

Guest FestiveBoi

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Guest FestiveBoi

Hello, I am here to hopefully get someone interested in this request/challenge to start writing it.

The premise of the story is simple; Harry having a Mommydom Harem. If you don’t know what Mommydom is; A woman who dominates a partner through coersion, affection and punishment. Usually more affectionate and gentler than Dominatrix, although there are of course elements of fantasy.

- May contain underaged stuff – I.E, Harry’s First Year so he is 11


  • Harry is starved for physical attention from an older woman. Mainly, he wants them to praise him and nurture him.
  • The Mothers/Older Women find out and start to do so, praising him, cuddling him, smothering him in affection, perhaps even some breastplay as a reward if he does good.
  • The MILF’s/Older Women start to ‘Corrupt’ or ‘Condition’ him so that he will always love them and be with them, thus forming the Harem of Harry’s older ladies. *NOTE – This is not because Harry Potter has riches, they genuinely start to love him more than their husbands, and perhaps their own sons/daughters*
  • This is mostly Porn Without Plot
  • No Dumbledore bashing!

MILF’s/Older Women

  • Molly Weasley – Sexy BBW – MUST HAVE
  • Narcissa Malfoy – MUST HAVE
  • Minerva McGonagall – Optional

[Other than those two MUST HAVES, you are free to add any Older Women/MILF’s you can think of within the Harry Potter universe.]


  • Harry has a Praise/Mommy Kink. Meaning he always wants to be praised, and will do whatever it takes to get that praise from his ‘Mommies’.
  • Harry’s genitalia are above average, say 7 inches, girthy, and he has some large balls.
  • The Older Women/MILF’s want Harry to call them ‘Mommy’ as it gives them pleasure to hear it.
  • Harry MUST be Sexually Innocent, that is how the Conditioning/Corruption by the Older Ladies can begin!


  • Breastfeeding/Lactation – Either through Lactation Potions or by natural means – This could offer the Women relief, and they could
  • Hairy Snatch/Armpits – Now, I for one don’t care if a woman’s snatch or pits are freshly shaven, but I would prefer a variety if possible. Perhaps Molly could be the worst offendor having a large, thick bush on her snatch and some hair on her pits.
  • Smothering – Mostly facesitting and or Bodysitting. Or perhaps Molly could lay ontop of Harry facedown, meaning he is being smothered under her chest and stomach.
  • Tit/Ass/Snatch/Armpit/Belly Worship – Belly worship mainly falls under Molly, as she is the largest being the BBW, which means Harry loves Molly’s large stomach and massages it, licks it, kisses it and worships it, even resting his head on it when he sleeps (You could add some belly button play if you really want to). The same applies to the rest of the body parts included in this little section.
  • Scentplay – Part of the conditioning factor. Perhaps one of the women bundle up their used panties for the day and position it on Harry’s nose, so when he breaths in through his nose, he inhales their scent, ingraining it onto his mind.
  • Watersports/Golden Shower – Optional – Kind of like Scentplay, except they ‘Scent Mark’ him by pissing on him, leaving their scent to absorb into his body. At first, he is a little disturbed by this, but the praises they sing him like ‘Good boy’ make him enjoy it more due to his praise kink. 
  • Piss Drinking – OPTIONAL – Perhaps Harry want some naturally made ‘lemonade’ on a hot summer’s day, or perhaps if they are feeling rather rowdy, they could sneak in some of their piss into some of his food or into a cup where he ingests it unknowingly, and comes to love the taste of it.

Anyway, I do hope that this does interest you, and I hope that you come to write for it!

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2 minutes ago, Guest FestiveBoi said:

Breastfeeding/Lactation – Either through Lactation Potions or by natural means – This could offer the Women relief, and they could

Sorry, I was going to say that they love letting Harry nurse off thier breasts, and feed him much like a mother would a newborn child. Harry particularily loves this, and always wants some of his ‘Mother’s milk’ as that gets him the most praise from them, and the milk tastes delicious.

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