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Miss Marvel: Kamala gives into hate

Guest Bronzehawk86

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A sex story were the new Miss Marvel Kamala gets raped by extremist who hate Muslims. She fights at first but by the end she is begging them to use and degrade her. Miss Marvel has heard about an anti Muslim extremist group who kidnaps young Muslim girls and rapes and tortures them. Kamala is furious and with out thinking or asking for help decides to take down the group by using herself as bait. Kamala who rarely dress as a traditional Muslim puts on a hijab and goes to the area wear the kidnappings have accord. While there she does everything she can think of to get herself caught. Kamala's plan works and she is kidnapped. She is taken to a basement which is full of men and some woman brutally raping and degrading barley legal Muslim girls. Kamala tries to use her powers to fight but she can't make herself. Kamala sees one of the few woman smirk at her and walks towards her. The woman is blondenaked has double D's is shaven clean. The woman laughs and tells Kamala that she is a psychic has total control of Kamala's mind. She orders Kamala  to strip and crying in fear and anger Miss Marvel does. Now naked the woman tells Kamala that she is activating Kamala's lust. Horrified Kamala finds herself playing with herself as she watches all the girls like her being degraded and raped. The woman tells Kamala all she has to do to get fucked is degraded herself by begging them to rape her virgin Muslim pussy. Kamala graphically calls herself every nasty racial insult she can think of and finds herself aroused by it. Three men then violently rape her in all three holes all the while degrading her. After cumming mutilpy times the beautiful woman asks Kamala if she truly believes that she is a worthless Muslim whore to which Kamala says yes and to her horror she believes it. The woman then has Kamala fuck her. Afterwards the woman stands up and gets the rooms attion and tells all the Young Muslim girls being raped and abused that Miss Marvel has come to save them. The girls look around hopefully tell the woman points down as Kamala  who naked and covered in cum. The woman then orders Kamala to say what she is and what she really wants. Kamala starts playing with herself then tells the room that she is a fily Muslim whore and that she wants all the infidel cum she can get. The girls start crying and the woman leans down and tells Kamala that she only made her horny for the first few minutes and that she never made Kamala think or say anything and that what she said and thought were her own thoughts. Kamala stunned does not put up any fight as another group of men surround her and to her shame she eagerly starts fucking them listing to the girls crying around her.

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