My Endowed Human (My Little Pony Harem Fic Challenges)


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Similar to the Tinkerbell Harem Fic Challenges post, this post feature two ideas for harem fics. In this case taking place in a humanized version of the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

  • Spike’s Harem:

While helping Twilight, Spike finds a book that says that it contains spells that’s supposed to help hooking up people. Thinking about finally getting together with Rarity, he decides to reads one of the spells without even reading what its effects are, but nothing appears to happen. Dejected, he goes back to doing his chores.

The next day, he wakes up to find that his dick has grown immensely (can be from 12 to 24 inches). He quickly finds a spell to hide the bulge in his shorts caused by it when suddenly Twilight tells him that Rarity has come for a visit.

An incident causes him to get exposed in front of Rarity and he goes to his room embarrassed. Rarity comes in and assures that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it, and she has sex with him to prove it, confessing that she also was attracted to him

Twilight suddenly enters the room and it’s shocked when she sees them having sex. She becomes horny watching the scene and proceeds to join them. When they’re done, she asks Spike how his dick became big, and he confesses what he did. When Twilight checks the book with the spell on it, she sees that not only did the spell increased Spike’s dick, but it also will cause any girl that’s attracted to him to want to get together with him. To their surpise, it turns out a lot of women are attracted to him.

  • Big Macintosh’s Harem:

Big Macintosh is working in the farm when he suddenly comes across an injured changeling. He thinks of calling his sister, but decides to instead bring the creature into their house where he takes care of her. After some time, the changeling wakes up. However, Applejack suddenly enters the room looking for him, and it’s shocked when she see the changeling.

As Big Mac tries defusing the situation, the changeling panics and uses her powers on the both of them. However instead of weakening them, Mac and Applejack start feeling horny, leading to the both of them having sex with the changeling joining soon after.

As is turns out, this changeling is very different. Instead of feeding off love, she expels it in copious amounts. But this love is only lust.

She was cast out by their Queen for threatening her rule, and has since been roaming the world looking for the right person to share her love with. And by share she means someone who she can fuck relentlessly without end.

And then comes Big Mac who proves himself to be such an amazing fuck with his huge dick (can be from 12 to 24 inches) that she decides to have him fuck other women, sure that the lust she could feed on would be enormous.

  •  Harem list:
  1. Twilight Sparkle
  2. Applejack
  3. Fluttershy
  4. Rarity
  5. Rainbow Dash
  6. Pinkie Pie
  7. The Great and Powerful Trixie
  8. Sunset Shimmer
  9. Starlight Glimmer
  10. Apple Bloom
  11. Scootaloo
  12. Sweetie Belle
  13. Twist
  14. DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch
  15. Octavia
  16. Zecora
  17. Maud Pie
  18. Limestone Pie
  19. Marble Pie
  20. Sugar Belle
  21. Little Strongheart
  22. The Dazzlings
  23. Gilda
  24. Twilight Velvet
  25. Posey Shy
  26. Cookie Crumbles
  27. Cloudy Quartz
  28. Pear Butter
  29. Spoiled Rich
  30. Stellar Flare
  31. Tree Hugger
  32. Cherry Jubillee
  33. Cherilee
  34. Photo Finish
  35. Sapphire Shores
  36. Miss Harshwhinny
  37. Nurse Redheart
  38. Milky Way (OC)
  39. Meanie Belle (OC)
  40. Chrysalis
  41. Cadance
  42. Celestia
  43. Luna


  • Requirements:
  • References for the humanized appearances:
  1. Twilight Sparkle: link
  2. Applejack: link
  3. Fluttershy: link
  4. Rarity: link
  5. Rainbow Dash: link
  6. Pinkie Pie: link
  7. The Great and Powerful Trixie: link
  8. Apple Bloom: link
  9. Scootaloo: link
  10. Sweetie Belle: link
  11. Twist: link
  12. Sunset Shimmer: link
  13. Starlight Glimmer: link
  14. DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch: link
  15. Octavia: link
  16. Zecora: link
  17. Maud Pie: link
  18. Limestone Pie: link
  19. Marble Pie: link
  20. Sugar Belle: link
  21. Little Strongheart: link
  22. Adagio Dazzle: link
  23. Aria Blaze: link
  24. Sonata Dusk: link
  25. Gilda: link
  26. Twilight Velvet: link
  27. Posey Shy: link
  28. Cookie Crumbles: link
  29. Cloudy Quartz: link
  30. Pear Butter: link
  31. Spoiled Rich: link
  32. Stellar Flare: link
  33. Tree Hugger: link
  34. Cherry Jubillee: link
  35. Cheerilee: link
  36. Photo Finish: link
  37. Sapphire Shores: link
  38. Miss Harshwhinny: link
  39. Nurse Redheart: link
  40. Milky Way (OC): link
  41. Meanie Belle (OC): link
  42. Chrysalis: link
  43. Cadance: link
  44. Celestia: link
  45. Luna: link
  • NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no heavy bdsm, no futa, no pregnant sex

Story ideas/suggestions:

  • Sonata Dusk wears clothes that are a few sizes too small for her voluptuous body because she doesn't take note of her curves. This obliviousness results in many moments where she makes fun of any other women who wears skimpy clothes to show off their assets, resulting in a “Are you kidding? /Are you serious?” reaction from everybody, including her fellow Dazzlings, which she never understands why.
  • Fluttershy at first to appears to have a petite figure just like in GreatDragonAd’s take on her. However this turns out to be a case of Hidden Buxom: she wears cotton wrap on her body to hide her actual figure because of her shyness.
  • Related to the above, after she ditches the wrap, Gilda starts “bullying” Fluttershy by groping her breasts, sometimes even sucking her nipples when they’re in private
  • An accident with magic causes Pinkie to gain a clone. However, instead of acting just like her, this clone acts like her Pinkamena Diane Pie alter ego, though not as murderous or psychotic. She does sometimes joins in Gilda in her “bullying” of Fluttershy.


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I'm surprised and disappointed that nobody else noticed this, and make a story about this. 



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