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I finally updated a chapter!!!!! Moonlight Sonata chapter 9 is up!!!


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Author: Hopebringer-Jem
Title: Moonlight Sonata Chapter 9 Short Sighted Goals
Summary: Running for their lives, Xan tries to get Madalayne to safety while being gunned down by an infiltrated Aegis ARMS battalion while the ARMS personnel get closer to arriving at Astral Gate for the ongoing crisis. Can Kai make it in time to save his brother? Will Havilar cause havoc in his attempts to get away or will his desire to get rid of Xan get the better of him?
Feedback: Feed back, constructive criticism, and general thoughts always appreciated, welcomed, and desired! XD
Fandom: Original
Warnings: Chapter specific warnings. Violence appropriate to battle situation, references to disabilities, sci-fi themes with mecha battle
 Chaptered story:  Chapter 9 up


Story Notes and Review Reply thread:


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