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Katara Turns Aang Into a girl

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Katara sick of being the only girl on the team and worried Aang will fail to beat the fire lord. Discovers a way to transfer his avatar powers into other and alter his body into that of a water tribe girl. she conditions him into liking boys and slowly breaks him. He is forced to read books aimed at girls and forbidden from fighting. By the end of the story Aang is a girly girl scared of fighting as he is going to be a housewife one day. He will be forced to help Katara  around the camp as they travel to help the new avatar master the elements. Aang must resist in the beginning before he is slowly broken and made into a submissive girl. By the end he has no trace of his former self left in him and is planning his wedding day. Must be drawn out and contain Katara and maybe others brainwashing him into his new role.

You can add other feminine things Aang is forced to do. Perhaps Teach him how to flirt and the role of girl in are relationship. Make Aang feel like he’s weak and dainty.



Can include BDSM type Punishment for non feminine behavior and brainwashing.

How all this is done is up to you as long as it’s this premise

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