One piece harem story request, seeking author and feedback.

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I'm seeking an author for a one peice harem story, i have several possible story scenarios for anyone interested and welcome suggestion or feedback on any of them.


My idea would be with luffy making such a good attempt for the king of pirates competition picks up for 'queen', one possible cause cluld be the newspapers printing an announcment of his engagement, which causes readers around the world to realise they should have made a move.... and then the news prints a RETRACTION, and the hunt it on.

OR, by communicating the idea to luffy, he starts seriously considering having a queen and paying attention to the women in his life.


boa attempts to pre-empt competition for luffy by collecting them herself, possibly reasoning that as amazons she will rule them


boa's fruit gains the ability to manipulate love and reshape luffy's loved ones to suit her tastes better, such as strengthening crushes into love or remaking men into women


nami or AU luffy gets a fruit that grows in strength thr more women you have nearby or lets them reshape women, or lets them make people INTO women etc. There is an existing story where he gains the hormone fruit, but it has only a single chapter.


nami is captain of an all female crew and luffy or whoever is cabin boy, there for 'relief'


nami, luffy and robin wash up on a mysterious island in a pinkish fog (kin to the rainbow fog) and the two begin competing for luffy's affections. Then more and more women wash ashore and the island seems to be getting bigger, revealing more supplies, shelter etc.


nami  escaped arlong park and met luffy when they were children and impressed him so much he wants a crew mostly of women, oblivious to their affection for him until AFTER he's already recruited quite a few.


multi-harem story where mutliple strawhats have harems of their canon girls of interest. Each strawhat's harem would act as 'staff' for their role, ie kaya as lookout staff, violet and pudding as sous cheffs etc.


Someone STARTED a luffy all-female crew story includjng genderswapped canon strawhats, but they never got passed chapter 2. A continuation or reimaging would also be excellent.


Playing on luffy's asexuality,  a twist on the harem story could be girls ask luffy to help them let of steam, which builds up his libido, not to the point of losing asexuality, but to the point where he asks them to help wind down and celebrate after a lot of excitement or a major victory.

Given he canonically sees love as a distraction from his work and is flustered by tashigi, Zoro's girls could be trying to undermine his swordsmanship and break his focus 

Sanji's girls.... well he'd just lile the idea

Ussop and kaya are trying to reach that point in their relatuonship

And chopper wants to be taken seriously, seen as a man.

Another possible twist on luffy's asexuality that can be played for emotion is that luffy sees sexual relief of his women as a duty and offerers it them upon request when they join, which everyone wrote of as misunderstanding but the women actually take him up on that and try for an emotional connection. This can be applied to most of the above scenarios.


Just in case, here is a quick runthrough of one piece girls to be used.

I'll stick to the more significant ones and skip the ones too far outside canon or who start the series dead, but feel free to add more if appropriate.


Nami greedy, cowardly, relativly sane, reliable, intelligent, not above flirting her way out of trouble

Nico robin - stoic and has the power to copy her body parts anywhere even if detached, intelligent

Alvida - AFTER the slick slick fruit, her body has zero friction and is permanrntly slim but loses no strength. Likes luffy because he not only had the guts to call her ugly (she was) but also defeated her. Delilusional about her old appearance

Vivi, dutiful princess, hypnotic bellydancer, brave, ditz

Boa hancock - canonically the world most beautiful woman and ger powers are based on the fact that everyone falls in love with her on sight, even women. Can turn anyone in love with her to stone. In love with luffy, yes really. It makes sense in context. Needs a friend

Rebecca the gladiator,

Monet, evil harpy, snow powers, not actually a harpy

Tashigi, marine, swordswoman, clumsy ditz but dutiful, needs glasses but doesn't like them

Shirahoshi, princess, size of a small skyscraper, underage but REALLY hard to tell

Nojiko, nami's sister (both adopted)

Makino, waitress, luffy's surrogat mom

Baby 5, assasin, can turn into any weapon, DEEPLY needs a hug

Hina, marine, cage/restraint powers, talks funny

Mrs valentine, assasin, weight powers, wants to be a choclatier

Kalifa, (spoliers) (heavy spoilers) secretary, assasin, soap powers, kind of ditzy

Margerite, amazon under boa, interacts with luffy a lot while he was on the island

Perona, trickster ghost princess

Jewelry bonney, age powers, bottomless glutton, BIG DEAL

Shyarley, fortune teller shark-mermaid, civic leader

Ain, rouge marine, de-aging powers

Keimi/camie, idiot mermaid, sous cheff, professional hostage

Wanda, swordswoman 'mink'

Carrot, naieve 'mink'

Conis, oppressed skylander, military reserve

Reiju, (spoilers) supersoldier assasin, poision powers

Violet, princess, eye-powers (mostly vision, but has giant whale tears)

Charollte pudding (so many spoilers)

Stussy, head of world prostituion, secret spy and assasin

Lily enstomach, giant, shrinking power

Baccarat, luck power, works in an evil casino

Carina, nami's rival in theft


Any takers?

All suggestions welcome. Storylines, ideas, twists, AUs all appreciated.

No bashing, the closer they are to character the better but feel free to go AU, a narrative is preferred if possible. Thank you


Feel free to leave your OWN requests for potential authors to pick up.




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