Total drama new world, a challenge inspired by RED_LIGHT_ZONE

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Based on Red_light_zone's challenge

Total Drama High School (A Cody Harem Challenge)

the challenge follows the basic rules of red_light_zone's and uses the 'wish' route


The way thia works is BEFORE the event, everyone shares and 'if i could be something i'd want to be such-and-such' wish, and in the new world that wish is granted. So if you wished to be popular, you'd suddenly be thrust into the role of yoy-who-is-popular. Lindsay, for exampls wantes to have people respect her brain and she is now in the shoes of an alternate, brainy lindsay who is held as the intelligence queen of the school.

But she is NOT brainy lindsay, so she struggles. They all do, as they are their old selves playing new roles. Cody, for example, is trying and failing to be the 'cool' cody of this world and is worried they're on to him because they're actig weird.

 And EVERYONE is acting weird because EVERYONE thinks the others are onto them, as no-one knows that everyone else is switched over, because they remember everyone else having always been in this role.

They only THINK everyone is onto them. In reality everyone is in a state of 'imposter syndrome', too caught in their acting to actually notice everyone else is doing the same.


It will eventually lead to sex, especially since cody is suddenly mister ladies man and we have a chance for the girls to 'open up' and reveal their canon personalities, him to accept them (noting they somehow feel right) and to bond with him and fall in love. By opening up to cody they realise he DOESN'T want to expose them, have an outlet of pressure and someone they can 'drop the act' around and begin to work out what's happening since the paranoia ebbs.

And, as i said, everone remembers only THEMSELVES as different, so cody's group is really only the one that can talk it out and has a chance to work it out.


I'm not sure how they deal with the reality shift, but the end result is a happy polygamous relationship form on support and connection.

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