My hero academia, all brawl for deku!

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it starts with ochaco asking deku out or having started dating him. Tsuyu wishes she'd made a move, but supports them.

Then bakougo finds out. Turns out, bakougo has been a girl this whole time and her frustration is waiting for her frind to notice, thinking it's becoming insulting how long it takes. What's more she was getting desperate and trying to push girls away from him, particularly since their going to the academy means they'll be surrounded by super girls and she KNOWS deku is objectivly cute.


However, deku has known this whole time but refered to her with male pronouns because of how tomboyish she was in order to respect what he thinks are her wishes. When she started getting MORE masculine out of protest and sropped correcting people who got her gender wrong, deku saw that as confirmation (she also did it to stop guys who weren't deku asking her out). And deku has rejected any thought of girl bakougo being interested in him because of how she behaves around him. So when she finds out he has a date, she's fuming, but when she overhears deku admits she's a GIRL, she's furious and decides she's not waiting this time.

She challenges ochaco to prove who is the better deku girlfriend, and tsuyu, having overheard,announces her candidacy too! As does Toru, but people keep failing to notice. Momo declares herself the referee to keep things in order, but secretly monolouges to herself that with all the most likely choices all fired up this will SURELY drive them to go too far and push deku away, letting herself sooth him and look like a suitable candidate!

Thus begins a sort of girl-friend olypmics, with events like cooking, swimsuit wearing (judged by deku's reaction), deku trivia, bedwarming (erotic, comforting, anything goes), eventually reaching erotic heights. Each of the girls cheats, enhances themselves with their powers and basically treats this like an actual super battle. And momo announces it all while plugging HERSELF as a candidate. Meanwhile, the male population is bith loving this and furiously asking themselves why this is happening to deku.


Girl bakugo is pretty curvy, having gel-enhanced legs, flawless skin and 'storage tanks' up front. They actually let her produce congealed quantites of blasting gel for various uses via 'milking' at the cost of size.


No bashing.

Any takers?

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LIGHT bashing if self inflicted but nothing exceeding canon. And if you CAN throw him a bone, feel free.

Nothing as all-out as harry potter fics get.


Thank you for asking. I appreciate your restraint and interest.

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