Spyro's first vacation

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straightforward but gimmicky idea for a spyro story in honour of his reignited trilogy. While this can be done any way you like i personally see the characters in this story as either anthropomorphised or mostly humanised, but still with their traits lile spyro's horns and elora's legs.


as a reward for saving avalor yet again, elora has decided to arrange an actual beach vacation for spyro with herself coming along to show him to his accomidations and help him settle in. It turns out, spyro’s never actually relaxed before, due to being too focussed on his warrior goals (going by his ‘great warrior falls to love thing’) and dragonfly upbringing and while doing so he starts to notice things about elora…. like the way she sways her hips and juts out her rear (since most depictions of her tend to emphasise her "i’m a faun pose")….. and elora like how this is going, playing it up. Elora decides to stay a while longer, and we get a chapter or two of her flirting and him flustered.


you can leave it at here, and have him figure it out and pair up with her, ending with their first night


you can have his old friend cynder at the hotel, at a self-discovery retreat to recover from her brainwashing and evil, and quickly realises spyro’s suddenly taking an interest in her….. noticing things like the way her broach lays in her cleavage (if anthropomorphised or humanised) or the arch of her neck.

then he introduces her to elora and it turns out spyro (being new to noticing girls) is TERRIBLE at hiding his interest and the girls realise this is a rival with a history right away. so cynder sweet talks spyro into inviting her to join them and invite spyro to joing her at the retreat, which elora joins as well.

what follows is a series of holiday activities where one, the other or both use it to entice spyro away from the other and grab his attention.


examples include asking his opinion on swimsuits, beach volleyball (where he gets to watch elora crouch and leap and cynder ‘bounce’ in the air. A tie for his interest) 

watching them waterski (in soaking clothes and hair with glittering skin/fur/scales (mostly a tie, but elora manages to hip-check cynder off-balance since steadying herself with her wings backfires)

pool and reef swimming (cynder is a much better athletic and fast swimmer and pulls of a poolside look but elora sneaks spyro off and signs up to explore a reef) 

or yoga classes (where they brush up against spyro. elora’s legs give her difficulty so cynder outlasts her).

spyro has odd dreams, sensual about the girls he doesn’t understand.

 but each of them manages to confess and acheve a special first time night which he isn;t dense enough to ignore.

elora while on a forrested observatory outpost and cynder while spelunking.

you could have a keijo match between them to entice spyro….. during which they both land breast (cynder) and butt (elora) first on spyro


If anyone's interested in writing or has suggestions how to continue, please let me know.


I'm aware cynder wasn't in the trilogy, my current explanation is that the portal summons him from the legends world in this universe, so he alternates bewteen the two settings and spending time with the two girls.

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