Monkey island challenge

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One night, guybrush and Elaine are enjoying a nice, quiet night in when a mysterious pirate ship sails in and attacks, kidnapping guybrush. surprisingly, there’s only a single pirate, morgan le flay, who takes him to another island with a pre-prepared wedding and marries him, proclaiming that through pirate law, as long as he stays on the island he’s hers and elaine will have to deal with it.

However, elaine launches her own pirate attack and recovers him, but morgan catches up on the trip back and while fighting, the two get so caught up they accidentally sabotage their steering and run aground on a third island.

due to the wonky laws of the pirate islands, guybrush is married to whoever has his hand on more islands, and an ‘island marriage’ counts. thus the two scheme to seduce and lay with him to legally win his hand. however, the second party quickly realises that they can nullify this by ALSO consummating an ‘island marriage’, resulting in a threesome.

guybrush is able to create/arrange a rescue, but morgan and elaine glare at each other, silently vowing this isn’t over.

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