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Hi everyone! you’ve probably seen my old concept posts, and if you haven’t let me know and i’ll move some here. i messed up the placement a bit

but anyway, i thought of quite a few new ideas and would like to share them with you.


I may post more later, but in the meantime, enjoy


  1. Sword in the stone / various

after drawing the sword, wart is on his way to become the legendary king arthur, but he’s not there yet. he has quite a few lessons yet to learn and is still a young man.

meanwhile, madam mim has recovered and taken an interest in the boy. She calls her various witch associates and tells them of this young and corruptile man soon to be one of the greatest rulers of all times and gets them to scheme to try and claim him. each which tries a different scheme on the boy based on their own home work and MO, such as gruntilda stealing magic to become beautiful and using riddles or maleficent staging a dragon attack.

however, arthur is not alone, the squirrel (hazel as some fans call her) overhears and tries to warn her arthur of each scheme and sabotage the ones she can. she is aided by the good witch of your choice and given a human form to use. however, the spell is not permanent and wears off eevery time, albiet a bit longer each time (even enough to have a night with him). To become permanent, though she doesn’t know it, the spell requires ‘husband’s first kiss’

after each witch’s tries, their attempt backfires and they are robbed of their magic, left in a sensuous body (if they didn;t already have one) and with a deep lustfull, submissive hunger for arthur. Thus Arthur begins to gain a reptuation for ridding the land for which as he unintentionally collects a harem while trying to discover who this mysterious and familiar girl is. towards the end, as maleficent tries, she realises to her horror that while mim may have started seriously she’s now just sending witches to be conquered for her own pleasure and amusement. it’s too late for her though nd her dragon form is defeated, turning her into a shapely version of herself with dragon traits. some time-skipping may be used so that the events don;t all happen at once. the former witches presumably have some role in the castle or now work for arthur as alchemists or very minor magical practitioners. 


  1. gravity falls x powerpuff girls

All characters in this are of age and post puberty.

Pacifica is at a billionares (or higher) retreat, frustrated at her failed attempts to gain dipper’s attention, when she runs into someone sh can’t stand, princess morbucks. puberty has been extremly kind to them both, but the super-power morbucks often weild have had a much more pronounced effect. The bitter, cruel girl (morbucks) is taking out her anger on everyone around her and begins mocking pacifica for having gone soft over a boy, getting into her face and mocking her for her (comparatively) small curves (and getting a little handsy). pacifica fires back that morbucks is transperently hung up on failing to hold blossom’s attention, and morbuck’s attempt to mock the powerpuff in denial is curiously focussed on backhanded compliments and her body.

while threatening pacifica, morbucks comes up with an idea and suggests a truce to get what they both want.

the story cuts to both dipper and blossom receiving ransom notes for pacifica, blossom’s demanding she come alone. hearing she’s going after morbucks, hers sisters agree, realising morbucks just wants attention again. when she gets there, dipper has already arrived. though she warns him that it will be dangerous she listens when he tells her he’s no stranger to such things and recognises his skills will be useful when it turns out morbucks has set them a series of clues to unravel. back with the other two, morbucks tries to come onto pacifica to pass the time but she says no and walks off.

the two solve the hints, eventually finding a hudden mansio-bunker and realise pacifica and morbucks are separated, dipper and blossom spilt up to find them. dipper finds pacifica loungin on a bed in lingerie and congratulating him. while he’s mad that she made him think she was in danger, they both turn into stuttering messes whe he realises what she was tying to do and she tells him her feelings to his face.

Morbucks, however (dressed in a similarly skimpy villain costume) does not do as well. between insulting blossom when she arrives, gloating to much and being too backhanded to pull off seduction or just say what’s happening she triggers a fight. howeve, in the midst of the fight she is able to kiss blossom which gradually turns into them making out. dipper nd pacifica flee the mansion after their done for fear of the two bringing down the house. after morbucks passes out from happyness, a confused blossom leaves to locate dipepr and pacifica and gets the whole story from them. REalising what princess was trying to do and being a little mortified she takes the two home and leaves her enemy there. when SHE gets home, her sisters ask if princess finally made a move and tease her about it, noting it’s only gonna get worse now. the story ends with princess making a half-doen calls practically begging blossom for more attention and blossom listening with a smile, either pleased to hear this, pleased to see her foe reduced to this or pleased the girl has found something she actually LIKES)


  1. Star vs the forces of evil


 Marco's childhood friend was stella myuman, the kid of the stanoffish rich couple, who would always pretend to be the fairy 'star butterfly' when playing with him. She was very clever and imaginative if a little kooky, but her parents were very straightlaced so she could only be 'herself' around marco. Then her parents moved away and she gave a tearfull goodbye yo her friend, even tellig him she loved him and having a pretend wedding ceremony because they never would now. However, the next day it turned out she'd ACTUALLY turned into a fairy, complete with little horns and wings (and maybe extra hands). However it was too late to tell marco so she kept it secret from her parents (she can turn back to human at will) but kept an eye put from marco. This had to mean something right? Maybe it was a sign they were meant to be realky married. But it's been years, they aren't kids anymore and marco has moved on. He's on colledge now and dating jackie. They haven't slept or even really kissed, so stars trying to mix supporting him and politly tellingbim what happened and begging him to take her back. She's not sure what to think. Then jackie changes too and star hatches a plan with her.

Janna is a 'psychic' star befriended who was suprised to see a real fairy and now helps her out slash gives her life advice, despite still having her jannaness. Not really psychich as you probably guessed. Not YET.

Hekapoo or 'hex' is a human police officer with red hair that star mangled her name who's more or less her parole officer (nothing major, just minor hijinx and occasional gettign in trouble) and source of adult advice (adult as in mature and experienced, not smut. Though she is shamelessly plugging star and marco)

Marco accidentally charms and changes all of them into monsters and awakens magic abilities in them and they have to figure out why and what to do.

  1. dexter’s lab x powerpuff girls x various

a sort of post series shared superhero setting where dexter is the iron-man or mister terrific figure (mostly in it for his own vanity and the science) and the powerpuff girls are the local kryptonian analogues.


HOWEVER, while everyone else has aged up and moved on to new things, like college for all of them, the powerpuffs have stunted growth as a result of their powers. Knowing she can’t ask her dad to turn her into a teenager, as well as realising how smart dexter is blossom comes to him for help. After a transformation with his help from from mini-girl with aged mind to full-sized bombshell, they start a mutual crush and circling each other. then her sisters find out and want to change too (possibly crushing on dexter as well)…… 

as does princess morebucks, who DID grow up (and used to mock them over it) but isn’t as ‘developed’ as the girls are after their treatment and kidnaps dexter to keep up with and even surpass them. thing is though, while morbucks is fine with seducing and using dexter she wants BLOSSOM’S attention and affection and doesn;t like to share.

This catches the attention of a number of other cartoon network girls, including the secret agen knd and local mafioso/magic kingpin mandy. mandy is the main antagonist and sh has not aged into the commonly assumed bombshell but into the more ordinary version seen in “The Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name" her scheme is to transform herself for the enhanced strength and vitality, seductive abilities and as the first step to immortality.

  1. star vs the forces of evil 2

When marco was little, he told no one about his desire to dress up as a princess except the mysterious girl is strange clothes that no one else ever saw and swore didn't live in the neighbourhood.

She was his best friend and they shared all each others secrets, and possibly she declared she'd marry him. As he grew up, he mostly forgot about his inaginary friend star butterfly....

except she's very real and when she and a contingent of princesses needed to be sent away for safety she arranged for then, including herself squire higs and hekapoo as retainer and overseer, to stay with the 'princess of earth'.

She may have thrown his life into chaos a bit, and she IS sorry about that, but he was her best friend and she just wanted to see him at least one more time. She could die soon after all... or the crisis is something which affects her judgement 

And since she always told her parents about him as a her and there's no magic on earth, they think it's a good idea. His human love interests, jackie (current girlfriend) and janna (remembers star?), crash the hideaway by claiming to be princesses of earth kingdoms of mermaids and witches respectivly. (For a possible twist, they really are) And marco must wear a dress the whole time to avoid causing an incident or being discovered as a male.... though the girls find out one by one.

Alternative idea, and this can work for most series, including combined with the above.. Theres a substance leak wbich causes increased hormone activity, thus hornyness and temptstion, but also causes your typical breasy and thigh growth when sex is actually had for the same reasons, so it's easy to tell when someone succumbs....

gravity falls

Having heard about a bunch of dippers exploits from mabel, pacifica uses the photocopier to copy herself a bunch of times to discuss plans to get dippers attention or raise her confidence. This happens offscreen and is explained by the clones. In story, dipper is inviyed to northwest manor and finds a bunch of clones in pacificas room, all half dressed in costumes remeniscent of various almost dates they had, who coyly explain what 'might' have happened. The all claim to be the real one and suggest a game, find and f-- the real one and he wins. Loose, and they keep pacifica. He's weireded ou but agrees for her sake, only to find that finishing inside them is ebough to dissolve the clone. Bizzarly, they don't mind, instead going out with a content sugh or last flirt. Tge remaining ones assure him it's how they want to go. Eventually it's just him and one pacifica..... who begins twllkng him how thr plan happened mid coitus then also dissolves. The real pacifica had family obligations today, this was a plan by her clone to break down the barriers stopping paz and dipper from confessing, something she feels is a life well spent. With her last words she encourages him to try with her. When the real pacifica comes home, she sees a red dipper and shakily asked what the clone did.... dipper shly asks her out to talk about it and the two hold hands with a little smile.


  1. totally spies x miraculous

this takes place well after the miraculous series so that marinette and adrien are around college age and the spies are about the same. all parties are post-age of consent.

the spies are sent to investigate the superheroes, due to no-one outside of paris believing they’re genuine but whoop being cautious. The general public KNOWS about them but think they’re a tourist show or traidiotnal kayfabe you can opt out of.

while there, sam clover and alex meet marrinette, who’s sonceo college (and is still younger than them, but only a little. still of age). between hunting down the heroes and akuma, one of them gets invested in marinette’s love life and tries to help her with adrien, teaching her to present herself as alluring, which leads to bonding, which eventually her admitting she has two someones in her life she’s growing attracted two but don’t notice her and it just gets so frustrating. cue her becoming an akuma. the revelation that this is real and the MASSIVE possibilities mean that the girls are asked to stay and keep things going. chat noir is revealed as marinette’s friend…. and is roped into helping her practise for adrien.

which makes it harder for ladybug to look him in the eye and makes it harder for adrien to talk to marinette, which makes marinette and chat’s situation worse. so they try harder.

meanwhile, the two remaining spies are trying to avoid talking about the attraction the akuma revealed…. with the occasional segway into arguing over who would ‘theoretically’ get to take them up on it.

somehow this results in mass harem, with the other girl supers getting involved, and maybe others. not sure of all the steps.

  1. danny phantom

while complaining about his dating life with girls, danny comments that his stramge behaviour and constant vanishing to be danny phantom have killed almost any chance he gets and wishes girl would 'get him', that they would understand.

Tucker not-to-subtly tries to point out that he already knows a girl like that but it doesn't work. Desiree does her thing but due to the wording of the wish, she mixes it up a little.

Cue a plethora of half ghost or half monster girls in amnity park, just like danny (well kinda. Paulina could be a succubus, sam could be a plant controller or vampire etc to keep it interesting). And they're all gunning for him which quickly turns into a civil war.

All with secret identity shenanigans and most of the girls failing to make the connection between his identities. His wording means that they both get him, as in are in a position to understand, 'get hin' as in girl gets the guy and 'get him' in the villainous sense. Possibly actually achieving one get him would break the influence, so understanding or pairing up with him would end their rampage.


  1. Danny phantom 2


Sam has recently asked danny out and has been dating him for a while, when ember hijacks a televised concert to lure danny in and claim him for herself (whether she did in a then and now exhibitionist sense is up to you). Sam is furious (mostly with ember) but as the ghoat says, she can't really date the town superhero, especially if she dates his human side too (ember pretends to be ignorant to illustrate, saying ghost boy is hers and she can keep the human dork).

Thus an uneasy but stable truce is formed and ember becomes a rough ally (she's canonically a massive Danny fan and would love riding the fame... among other things. I see her as largely self interested but less destructive and inclined to help danny out as a 'date' of sorts, but demanding he spend time doing dates she decides to be fair).

Thus with both dannys off the market, there’s a wave of girls wishing they'd made a move when they had the chance. If we combine this with the previous idea (danny could have finally asked sam out because of tuckers less than subtle remarks, follow with ember and the half-ghost population burst) then desiree could bring them together to form a sinister six type group (likely with a mental nudge), with some of the group after phantom and some after fenton. They make a deal that the fenton group will help the phantom group get their man in exchange for the same. Danny overhears this and has SO many mixed feelings.

plotlines would include a brief period of balance between sam and ember followed by the halfaning (not necessarily called that) meaning that the divide no longer holds and the two girls dealing with that (by cooperating or arguing, either way), and trying to free the girls from desiree's influence. Another possibility is that ghost girls attempting to overshadow each other results in a fusion until they separate. One with ‘extra mass’, so to speak.

I see desiree as turning herself half human first to grant the wish and inflitrating his school in teenage guise (check out the collection links or the garabatoz art below for what i feel she'd look like. plus passing for her own mother when needed and maybe trying to throw a wrench in danny's relationship for fun), but after the ember thing she decides to grant it again on a larger scale, resulting in the chaos above.

Teenage desiree could be one of the 'fenton' group, either for troublemaking or because she actually likes the kid.


  1. W.i.t.c.h

Cornelia runs to elyon, telling her of a bad breakup between herself and caleb. elyon takes her in and has a teary ‘girls’ night, where she muses on her longstanding crush with her friend and resolves to ask her out for real this time and not miss her chance.

UNFORTUNATELY, Cornelia was being over-dramatic and it wasn’t really a breakup, just a bad fight that required some space. so she’s soon back together with Caleb (who asks elyon for adive on how to support cornelia). Elyon, queen of her own kingdom, gets drunk and invites a random friend to explain everything. unfortunately, the friend she invites, irma, has her OWN thing for cornelia and instead of talking her out of it, she winds up getting drunk herself and talking elyon INTO going through with it and getting talked into it in turn.

thus begins a three-way contest of wooing Cornelia, Caleb by trying to become a better boyfriend, elyon under the pretense of finding a new captain of her guard and viser and irma trying to pass it off as just missing her friend. then things turn kinda cold-war…..

  1. legend quest

based on this comic

Cupid, a spirit that repairs unrequired love, is drawn to the heroes and manages to bewitch the girls. teodora feels her love is unrequited since he's with marcella, and marcella feels her love is unrequited since he's obviously in love with teodora. Thus cupid is attracted to solve it.... in a way.

You could also use some of the old unused girls from the original films as ‘past loves’ the cupid draws to him.


  1. Shezow

Having gone through puberty it's become apparent that guy ACTUALLY becomes a girl after powering up. Furthermore, instead of hooking up with the girls herself, barring some bicurious exceptions, shezow keeps accidentally setting them up with maz.

And while guy is frustrated at his own inability with women, guy slowly realises that AS shezow she's jealous for a different reason. She (specifically him as a girls) loves maz, i mean (guy does not, and shezow still appreciates the female form). Naturally, shezow can't communicate this and guy does NOT want to talk about it.

Furthermore, frequent use of the power is giving her a.... 'superhero figure', and if he continues to use the power guy will be a full time girl. Alternativly he can pass it on to his sister.... unless shezow WANTS to be a girl for maz. Other than that, it's a harem with the added humour/frustration/irony of shezow having to keep the harem organised.

  1. kim possible

to prevent her interfering dr drakken creates a device or virus that turns kim into a curvaceous bimbo and sets a trap which manage to catch her.

Ron manage to catch her attention and satiate her, which allows her to repress the urges and be her old self.... but she ‘imprints’, needs period 'topping up' and is becoming more ron-hungry in her standard behaviour anyway.

There IS hope of a cure, but they'd need the original virus or blurprints and drakken took them with him. The good news is that shego's loyalty is pretty thinly strung right now since drakkwn tested it on her...... and a temporary flare of lust causes kim to accidentally seduce her to their side, imprinting shego on them. The bad news is that kim is now a carrier and is infecting MORE girls, who need to be quarantined with her.

Kim, ron, and shego (and later yori) can break quarantine because they need to track down drakken, but that doesn't always work out and they’ve been known to slip up and infect more people, particularly as intelligence drops an lust grows.


  1. Disney x kingdom hearts x kamen rider…..ish?

Sora, a daydreaming student in a small, ordinary town, writes fantasy stories about the people he knows, including his best friend, kairi.

In them, she is the sole protector left of a run-down frontier town in a Tolkien-ish fantasy land, dwfending it from monsters (heartless and other things) who keeps rescuing disney girls (based on friends he has in real life) that move into town and help it grow.

Suddenly, his ‘heartless’ begin attacking in the real (non narrative) world and girls from his story begin appearing as mundane but obviously parallel people. At first he thinks its just a coincidence, but once the heartless show up he has no choice but too believe it. as Sora writes girls he knows into his adventure, he makes them heartless targets but also empowers them into powerful warriors with magical abilites (based on their films) and forms. Kinda kamen-rider-ish. In a neat twist sora is helpless becsuse KAIRI is the hero of the story, alomg with sidekicks alice and ariel, based on their other best friends. Alice is a very intelligent but spacey girl and ariel  is a cheerful artist and tinkerer sadly confined to a wheelchair, so sora made her a life where she didn’t need legs.

Girls good and bad become fadcinated with sora out of thanks and try to get close to him, sensing smoething about him or for more power. either way, the lot of them start trying to be his friend or coming on to him. many of the disney girls join up as more warriors or summons.

Some have hidden motivations, some don't. To make matters more complicated, Sora isn't sure the magical side is real (it's implied to be a fantasy story he's writing) but keeps influencing events through it.

Disney girls move in and have roles in both the fantastic and mundane versions, like for example the arendale sisters running an ice-cream parlour. Naturally the girls are REALLY busty and wide hipped, buy only he seems to notice. Both hero, ally and villainous girls.






And some non-cartoon examples i will be posting elsewhere as well, grouped for convenience

  1. shantae


Risky kidnaps shantae and her friends rotty and sky, leaving bolo to track them down.

bolo goes on a quest, rescuing several girls and getting ‘rewarded’ but risky is keeping shantae locked away personally…. and the story keeps cutting to shantae being comically defiant and claiming riky will never get away with this but going along with what is clearly a date, including dinner and fireworks all under the pretence of an evil plan. the other girls were simply captured to slow down any pursuit so that risky would have time to pull the date and seduction off. evetually, however, bolo catches up and joins the two, possibly aafter they’ve already had a night.


  1. kid icarus

following the events of uprising, there's a lot of recovery and rebuilding needed as people repopulate and celebrate the defeat of Hades….. which is beginning to affect the four goddesses of the series (well palutea, viridi and medusa anyway, phosphera is just going with things), filling them with ‘new life’ urges.  With the new state of the world it’s time to make new little godlings, and all of them have decided they want the same man, pit.

pandora optional, or goes with dark pit.

each is to pursue him in a manner befitting their relation to him and general personality.

paleta as a teasing confidant and mentor

Medusa as an adversary on the hunt, and a flirt

Viridi as a friend in denial and probably secret crush

phosphera…. not sure, but probably a tease or competitor. didn;t get a read on her.


the girls each pursue slash court pit, trying to pull him away from the others and slowly seducing him before laying with him to bear a child.



  1. marvel


Franlkin richards, in the middle of a hormone swing, accidentally creates a new world (seperate from his current one), where female superhumans are the norm and males are extremely rare, which leaves each male with a LOT of female company.

  1. DC comics

Dick responds to a titan call, noticing that it almost but bot quite resemblss a joker scheme, only to recognise duella when she announces herself. He's releived but wonders why she's playig at being a villaing again. Then duella reveals her hostage.... duella dent dressed as batgirl. Who the other duella gives a deep, long kiss on the lips. The bat duella then makes a show of being controlled, but luckily backup appears... in the form of duella dent, dressed as starfire. Dick quickly realises they aren't acting like clones, it's got to be makeup. Duella's gotten the real starfire and batgirl to dress up and play along. However, somethings off about each of them. The first duella reveals a transperently fake 'doomsday device' and announces that the only way to disarm it is to guess who's who. The duellas then all oounce dick and each other. Since their makeup is running, but rubbing off on each other and re-painting them, he can't just tell that way. After a few sensual tests (each is in one, best blowjob, best boobjob, best anal, all are in softest pussy) where they each act as an over the top parody of the one they are dressed as, dicl eventually realises real duella is starfire, starfire is dressed as batgirl (cracking steel by arching her back in ecstasy is a hint) and the remaining duella (dressed as duella) is... zatanna. While they all lie snuggled up to him duella explains it was a last minute switch, and that barbra will be there for sure next time.... "There's going to be six of us. Better bring your A game detective".

  1. dc comics 2

Selena mentions to her friends ivy and harley that the reason she broke up with bruce is because he was too happy and was slipping. They IMMEDIATELY push them back together and send every villainess with any attraction to him his way under the pretense of ‘reforming’ them.

Then the robins hear, and while they think the idea of it making him less effective is stupid, they also want him to lighten up (and notice that the scheme actually IS accomplishing that) and take care of himself better, so THEY send any girl interested in bruce wane his way by organising dates. To the surprise of eveyone, the reform aspect is actually sort of working, and selina is REALLY enjoying her new position of power, including over harley and ivy.

At this point, the justice league has heard of this 'reform' program and bruce flees to the sattelite to seek shelter. While clark understands the project and agreed it would be good for him, he doesn't approve of the underhandedness. So he gives bruce a brief warning before he starts doing it too.


this snowballs into organising mass dates for OTHER superheroes as well, such as clark himself.

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thought of some more:




  1. Kim possible 2

On a slightly different trip to camp wannaweep ron, kim, the cheer squad and shego are all present when gill springs his trap. ron gets away, but thr girls are all infected with the mutagen, even though he manages to rescue them. Shego is either in the area enacting a scheme or ‘miss go’ is the supervisor for the trip.

On the fence on whether to go anthro or simply make them super-humanly curvy. by anthro i mean they pick up dna from forest creatures and mutate into bombshell humanoid versions in heat.

I think part of it would be hormone rush of whatever transformation they undergo causing them to feel attraction to anything that moves or alternativly the transformation becomes sexualised because of the high hormone state they are in, e.g shego and kim get into a fight but the rush causes it to become….. something else.

It's probably a chain reaction, kim and shego change then crash the other girl’s cabin, who get hot and bothered so they change, then ron accidentally reminds them he's there, which gives them a target.

the end result is ron being chased by a ton of curvy girls he knows.

should you want any other girls to be on the trip, feel free but justify it.






  1. Peanuts

Peanuts: Charlie brown, peppermint patty and marcie

Years after the series end, peppermint patty moves back to town after spending some time away, and falls for 'chuck' all over again. overjoyed to see her friend again, but pining for charlie herself and knowing that she'll never be able to tell him, marcie wrestles with trying to go for it first but decides to tell charlie how patty feels about him instead. the next day, hearing how the date went well, she's at home thinking about the opportunity she;s lost but decides she likes the one she took, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. it's charlie and patty, charlie brown told her how marcie helped them talked to each other, and patty insisted on returning the favour... though she didn't think it through and isn't willing to give up her date with 'chuck'. instead, they agree to both try their luck with him, and patty insists on the two of them 'thanking' her then and there.




  1. El Tigre


Tigre has been captured on the day he came of age! frida and zoe are forced to team up in a wrestling in a tournament where manny is the prize, and he has to watch as his many female admirers try to win him through grappling and getting physcial. all while he tries not to die from watching.





  1. Lilo and stitch

Based on a deviantart short story

 It's quite interesting, but it ends too abruptly and i feel they could have taken it further. There’s five parts.

The premise is neat, lilo's grown up and finsihed experiment hunting, both her and stitch gave matured (with stitch and the experiments getting a newer form, a bit like this and she wishes he'd spend more time with her instead of the also maturly developed angel. She accidentally releases a reformatter experiment which cause her and several other girls she knows to be modelled after an experiment, each one becoming more developed, taller and bustier over time due to their powers somehow. But then everything just stops. I feel it could be done better.

My version involves and accidental virus or mutator-being unleashes and stitch being sent to bring in the girls, playing on their attraction to him (the experiments see him as the big-shot ace and experiment superstar, the human girls think he's handsome and humanoid enough to blurr the line but don't want to admit being attracted to lilo's 'dog'). the mutant girls cause chaos across hawaii.

He is then given a counter- virus to calm then down, but accidentally soaked in it by one of the girls, and has to deliver it through close contact i.e intimacy.

in addition to the girls used in the story and female, like nani or the lifeguard, or confirmed female experiment, like yin, is a candidate.







  1. Little mermaid

During her attempt to steal prince Eric, Ursula in her Vanessa guise fails when Ariel manages to marry him first. her contract magic backfires (Ursula formed her disguise by forming a contract with herself and failed the terms), leaving her powerless and stuck as Vanessa, but Ariel takes her in out of the kindness of her heart.


Vanessa cannot remember who she is or what she was doing, but Ursula still exists as a voice in her head that tries to convince her to seduce Eric away from Ariel and re-fulfil her terms, freeing her from her powerless state. HOWEVER, the voice fades in and out and is filtered through Vanessa’s own feelings. Vanessa, grateful for their taking her in, Doesn’t want to betray the couple that helped her but still has this inexplicable drive to have Eric for herself. she comes up with a compromise though, seduce them BOTH.

first Ariel, then Eric, then both at once. Sadly for Ursula, marrying them both was not in the contract and is enough to banish what’s left of her for good.




To sweeten the deal and based on her ‘body language’ remark, ursula gave aerial massive hips and breasts for her human form.

During their dates she’s to embarrassed and awkward about it to make a move as usual, and things go normally.

HOWEVER, when she sees vanessa, she figures ursula must have used something to become human and rushes to her lair to get it, a potion which turns her human again. Ariel finds eric before the wedding and tries to tell him everything, but she still has no voice and ursula-as-vanessa interrupts and tries to seduce him back, having given herself similar super-curves. Ariel fights for her man by trying to out-seduce her leading to a threesome where eric satisfys them so much that they pass out. But not before ariel uses the threesome to take back the shell with her voice and re-drink it then pleasure ursula into submission with eric when she realises.

 She then tells eric she loves him and her real name as they have their turn together and she passes out herself.

In fact, Eric is so successful that the girls don’t realise he’s brough them BOTH to his wedding as brides until they’ve said their I do’s in a haze. thus eric has two wives each competing for his attention (Ursula having lost sight of why she did this)


  1. stormhawks




  1. my life as a teenage robot

Based on this image here:

Jenny has received some new upgrades, including a more human figure and capabilities.


during her field tests she notes more than a few stares, including sheldon lee’s and feels oddly happy about that.

during the tests she continues to run into sheldon and accidentally keeps signalling to him by coincidence (by leaning over to pick up large objects, performing yoga to test flexibility, doing squats holding massive objects over her head and even just dancing for joy when she completes a test) and take joy in his reactions for reasons she doesn’t understand. Sheldon realises it’s not intentional, but while jenny doesn’t get what’s going on she gets that doing these things gets responses she REALLY likes.

After some failed introspection her mother reviews the logs and notes the amount of time she spends with sheldon during the test and slyly notes she seems distracted by him. Wanting to figure it out and trying to sound casual eventually, she asks if sheldon can be present for the last test, at which point her mother (having shipped them sonce they met) agrees but also arranges another new test to clue jenny in on her feelings which works! she finally asks him out, which turns into her testing her new human anatomy with him.


  1. Mighty magiswords

Following her disasterous attempt to court prohyas, panny plasm decides that instead of turnign him into a ghost, she’ll try turning herself into a human.

tracking down anyone she sees taking an interest in him, she possesses them, does a bit of ‘remodelling’ and seduces her proclaimed boyfriend. she justifies this by saying she’s doing the girls a favour by helping them enact their desires and giving them the confidence to so so. unfortunately for her, she’s right. her possession gives them a taste of what they want, the confidence to try and the body to achieve it.



  1. star vs the forces off evil

Star, in a bout of teenage hormones, writes up an ‘emergency heir prodcution’ plan where , to continue the family line in times of strife,  a small contingent of the kingdom (herself and marco) will be isolated on an island paradise and encouraged to make babies by royal decree. she does not submit it, however, it’s simply a joke and personal fantasy….. until someone (hekapoo) submits it and sounds a crisis alarm to bring it into affect….

THEN it turns out that a few more girls found out about it and added there names to it as a joke, recognising star had no intention of actually decreeing it. thus they are all sent to a royal beach vacation until marco has given each of them a baby…. and no-one has told marco that part.

Each of the girls manages to get their hands on stars wand and use it to enhance their figures for seducing marco, which becomes an unofficial gam of one-upping each other.




  1. Digimon

following the events of frontier, zoe has been happily dating takuya for a while when a mysterious girl in blue wearing a bicycle helmet appears and starts making moves on takuya. when confronting the girl, she declares it a competition…. while also making moves on zoe herself.

as zoe stands her ground, she begins to suspect her opponent is ranamon alive once again and wonders what she’s up to.



  1. DBZ

fem buu or fem cell mini-harem.

Buu's story is it absorbs bulma or chichi by mistake, becoming female, then absorbs the other to enhance itself (possibly just taking in the other fighters for extra mass). Then it starts seducing vegetto as a lovestruck hormonal girl. on his demands she ‘brings back’ chichi and bulma as majin girls, that join in the seduction and bring in any other goku/vegeta crushes and love interests.


A similar story, or sequel to the above is that a resurrected cell (or the original) makes itself female by absorbing 18, imprints on…. okay, this can do two ways.

either gohan, in which case the cell-girl goes after videl and erasa etc, or she imprints on krillin and goes after marron and zanya etc. once it absorbs them to enhance itself it recreates them as cell-junior style girls.


Basically both are harem stories where the lead assimilates the other members and respawns them, bringing them in and becoming larger. Harem erotic sort of horror.


  1. DBZ 2: 

Based on an image found here:


Due to an accident or misused wish, bulma is infused with the power of dragonballs!… with some side effects..

Bulma gains dragon features and some serious curves, and every time the collect a new ball it is absorbed into her, enhancing her curves even further, making her dragon features more pronounced, and bringing her libido closer to the surfce. once all the balls are collected, bulma can grant all the wishes you want for a day!…. one for every time you can satiate her. 


  1. Harry potter


In a 'stunning' display of leadership voldemort decides to test a new curse on his mole, draco. The curse turns you 'into what you hate' and he's curious to see what that entails and how draco and it will respond to each other.

Unfortunately for draco, the day he is cursed he runs into ginny and calls her another 'griffindor bleeding-heart, blood-traitor, potter-fangirl who'd sell her body to him for a smile'.

When he sleeps, he finds himself transforming into exactly that, night by night one barb at a time, all while aware and fighting it.

When he holds out against the last one, the curse just builds up force, making him more and more of a sexpot before she gives in and begs harry to take her.

He's with ginny though, and draco is so far gone she doesn't care. Since she hates him just as much, ginny sits back and watches. Afterwards, cut to ginny and harry happily married with their maid/mistress darcy eagerly waiting to serve.


  1. luigi’s mansion

Luigi Has defeated the mansion and is looking forwards to a nice long break.... but word of his ghostbusting ability has gotten around, and there's a surprising amount of work out there foe the only ghostbuster in the phone book. Particularly since his girlfriend found out and doesn't want to miss one minute of the action!

Daisy moves into his new house and begins volunteering the two of them out to catch various ghosta in the mushroom kingdim for a reasonable fee! (Surpsingly it's an actually reasonable fee, daisy has no concept of 'hazard pay' and beleives in matching someone's financial bracket). These ghosts are based on famous ghosts of film, cartoon and video games but with a mushroom kingdoom twist (unless you want to play them as the original). Not every ghost is female, but luigi keeps running into them and he ALWAYS manages to catch their interests.

Each chapter has a haunting based on the character of the ghost in their origin series, where luigi is terrified out of his wits by the haunting until he manages to capture the attention of a ghost girl, at which point he tries and fails to avoid their attention. He's just too fun to haunt.

Daisy, meanwhile, is having grand ghost advwntures and battling spooks like she expected. Occasionally she will meet and befriend the ghostess in question, inviting them over. On the occasion that she sees them making moves on luigi she will make it clear that he's with her. She trusts (and knows) luigi enough to assume it's not him making a pass.

Some chapters don't have a female ghost haunting, these will be used for character discussion or bringing back a girl to develop them more or have them following the two around.

Eventually, the ghosts and daisy come to an understanding, to daisy's mixed fear and arousal. Mostly fear.


  1. undertale


  1. ranma ½

two part idea

The secret to curing gensekyo isn't the spring of thr drowned man, it's a special shower that washes away the curse, one ranma has finally found. The problem? There's only one runoff bucket, and curses mix together.

After ridding himself of his female side, shampoo mistakenly uses 'spring of the drowned girl' to cure herself, unaware that one should not double-up on genders. She's not only mixed a new curse with her cat-side, she's doubled her oestrogen level. At least ranma was level headed as a girl, shampoo's turned herself into a catgirl bimbo.


part 2

 In an effort to cure his amazon pursuer, ranma needs help to hold her down for the shower to work. Ryouga'd have a heart attack, and kuno an mouse are right out, so he's forced to ask akane and ukyo to do it.

Surprisingly it works... until they start fighting and spill the curse-water over all three of themselves. And They've got ranma in their sights.

for his efforts, however the thinner dose means their more coherent once satiated and agree to a shared truce in the aftermath


  1. Naruto

naruto and hinata are trying for a kid, but hinata is apparently barren and they need a surrogate.

now naturally, they asked sakura, who they trust with this more than anyone. and while she and sasuke would do it she can't take time away from her work at the hospital. and after a while, sakura remembers naruto's old sexy jutsu... and realises SASUKE could be the surrogate. He's not involved in day-to-day village politics and no one would even notice if h took a leave of abscence.

Now, naturally, he's not thrilled, but he eventually agrees because he does owe his old friend, and it's be a way to put some good back into the world. and naruto's not thrilled about it either even though he appreciates it. So they come up with the idea of sasuke staying as a girl for a while so naurto starts thinking of her that way, and so he can get used to it for when he's carrying the baby.

HOWEVER, what sasuke wasn't expecting was the hormone rush. after a few failed tries and an eventual successful one, her hormones are higher than ever, and though sasuke tries to burn it off with her wife, it's not enough.... and that toy sakura was using on her is begining to plant ideas in her head. She liked it a LOT more than she wants to admit....

Then it so she tells naurto it was a false positive, to get him to 'try' again. and things snowball from there. long story short, naurto winds up with for wives.... and it turns out that the hinata things was an accident, but sasuke's too into this to care by this point.


  1. Monster musume:

three alternate universe works

first, an anthology account of his first time with each of his girls, then their respective weeding nights and the conception of his children.






scott pilgrimscott accidentally discovers a harem-mode cheat code which turns his life into a dating-sim style game where he is suddenly unintentionally (and not) the women in his life. each encounters creates an xp bar, and as they level up their curves become more pronounced and they grow more fond of him.

what’s more, the girls suddenly try to re-affirm their affections for scott and begin battling for his affection in various ways and gaining new classes, skills and power ups in doing so.

by enacting anything that can be thought of as a date, particulalry if it suits the girls tastes such as music shopping or just hanging out, they grow more fond of him and start to pursue him.

in addition, the girls gain ‘synergy’ score based on interactions between specific girls that scott can spend time improving. synergy leads to greater co-operation with the purpose of one of them winning scott.


girls include:

Ramona flowers

kim pines

knives chau

envy adams

Lisa miller


other optonal girls or possibly bosses

Roxie Richter

Winifred hailey and clones

tamara chan

holly hawk


lynette... if you want





inspired by the above, pokemon mixed with a dating sim style game. ash is given a LITERAL clue to the girls into him n the form of a pokedex-style earpeice. this clues him into his various love interests and he begins courting them… in the style of a pokemon battle! as in he gains ‘exp’ for charming them more (or sleeping with them, not sure), they level up by gaining increased cup sizes and curves, and they ‘evolve’ into different forms based on relationship to him (i.e misty could have tomboy, best friend, mermaid). i’v not QUITE thought of an explanation for that part yet.

this causes a sort of cmedy where girls will battle for his affection by passive-aggressively forcing each other out o dates with him battle style while the pokedex narrates and gain ex and levels. somehow sh is the only one to notice this or the ‘increases’. his closest friends form alligences which become a pokemon party etc.

that way you can steadily increase the girls as you go along. the main story, i think, is ash finding which girls are interested in him ‘captuing’ and ‘evolving’ them to their highest potential.



kingdom hearts 2

the sora one is a little more complex, basically sora is a disneyland tourist (that he knows) but cannot remember hoow he got there and the rides all seem to be closed or changed, yet no-one minds. in fact, he cannot even remember the characters and finds that strange. he finds that by entering the rides he enters a version of the film, but takes the place of the male protagonist and he and the girls inside ovethrow an enemy. they MAY also be his classmates outside, i’m still mulling it over, which slowly has him realise that if his classmates are supposed to be a part of this, then what does that say about him? the girls either try to romance or sleep with him in their ride-worlds, and he leaves after finding himself back in the park with the ride open again and investigates further, leading to more park-worlds. not sure where to go next.




crossover- goth girls acadamey





big hero 6

basically, Hiro and karmi wind up together.


gogo and honey seeing him as a young man wish they'd taken a shot. So, while talking to them while feeling particularlyhung up on it one of them impulsivly blurts out their a lesbian couple. And that they’re trying for a kid and want Hiro to be their surrogate dad

Hiro awakwardly agrees to help his old friends, karmi is suspicious but agrees and yhe girl who didn't have the idea is shocked, but to get her in on the impromptue plan, they say that they're going with a 'whoever gets pregnant first' approach.

The spur-of the moment plan is they take turns seducing hiro while the other takes karmi out to distract her. They keep going for as long as they can. They are on the pill to prevent accidents and draw it out, giving them a chance to actually have hiro as a boyfriend for a while.

Two problems occur though, first, they had to kiss to sell it and one of the girls liked it.… making the ruse awkward and leading to them feeling torn.

Second, the pills fail at least one of them... but they don't wanna stop.

this leads to hiro pretty much having four girls. the plan is missing some steps i admit.





big hero 6 2

the team is captured by a new villain eager to try out some new experiments on them, mutating them and turning them into curvy girls. however, the team is able to escape before hiro is transformed.




monkey island series

one night, guybrush and Elaine are enjoying a nice, quiet night in when a mysterious pirate ship sails in and attacks, kidnapping guybrush. surprisingly, there’s only a single pirate, morgan le flay, who takes him to another island with a pre-prepared wedding and marries him, proclaiming that as long as he stays on the island he’s hers and elaine will have to deal with it. however, elaine launches her own pirate attack and recovers him, but morgan catches up on the trip back and while fighting, the two get so caught up they accidentally sabotage their steering and run aground on a third island. due to the wonky laws of the pirate islands, guybrush is married to whoever has his hand on more islands, and an ‘island marriage’ counts. thus the two scheme to seduce and lay with him to legally win his hand. however, the second party quickly realises that they can nullify this by ALSO consummating an ‘island marriage’, resulting in a threesome.

guybrush is able to create/arrange a rescue, but morgan and elaine glare at each other, silently vowing this isn’t over.


crossover, uresei yatsura and star vs the forces of evil/to love ru





ben 10

colledge universe where humans are enrolled girls and the aliens are a part of a new cross culture student exchange and ben is a student given the job of peacekeeper slash representative.

Imagine attea as school punk who secretly loves the serenity of swimming, julie as the first human to take alien technology courses and accidentally making ship, eunice dodging questions about where she's from and acing every tech course, looma being friendly but embracing her culture full on so she doesn't have to admit everyone is scared of her, kai shunning the humans for the exotic aliens, ester and gwen secretly bonding over being half species and keeping it hidden for each other.


ben 10, star vs the forces of evil, ghoul school etc.


the general idea is that in a school with a lot of species, all students who have come of age are required to take a sex ed lesson and, due to a mix up, it’s a PRACTICAL demnostration of the mating process, so male lead gets asked to impregnate, or at least have sex with a girl for the class (though she demands no protection for the sake of ‘authenticity’. however after the does, one of the other species girl says that HER secies needs to be demonstrated too, and since there’s no men of her species she’ll just take male lead. then another, then another, then another.

it could be use for ben 20 and girls, marco and star vs the forces, shaggy and the (older) ghoul girls, tsukune and the yokai acadamey girls, kimihito and colledge age versions of his girls i’m not sure.


I’m aware it’s unfinished, but i’m a bit out of it right now and don’t want to loose my place



over the garden wall

awakening from the unknown, wirt begins his life with sarah, but unexpectedly runs into human versions of beatrice and lidia, who seem to remember him.



kingdom hearts

sora is ‘blessed’ with an unusual curse. to bring back the keybladers and spread the light, he is prophesised to have many children across the worlds. the dubious blessing goes that even the foes he defeat will become his wives, and the slip of wording means that any villain he conquers becomes a woman and falls for him. and while friendly spars don’t trigger it, misundersandings like the fights with the beast and possesed riku DO.



big hero 6 crossover

a re-imagined universe where a bunch of girls he’s commonly shipped with or would just be fun to use go to the same university and he charms them. they take classes appropriate to their film and often share them with him, like a teenage vanellope taking programming and being a motor enthusiast or riley taking psychology (both common ships with him)




elsa has a headcold which is freezing her and anna and kristoph try to help her get better, keep her warm. she’s also delirous, wandering around with little to nothing on and talking to people oddly. they eventually find her literally freezing, something kristoph likens to finding someone in a snowdrift in the mountains. anna asks what they did and whle it takes some prodding, kristoph tells her about sharing body heat. anna notes elsa’s too cold for just her or kristoph…. in hr delirum, elsa begins coming to them while they huddle up to her and one thing leads to another. the next day, she’s shocked at what she did and also pleased. so while apologising she’s caught fishing to see if they’d be interested in another.



kingdom hearts

a kingdom hearts au were, for his failure, riku is cursed to replace the princess he lost (along with possibly the other disney princes). a possible epilogue is them, kairi and the princesses proper fighting over sora.



one peice

boa arranges to remove the men on luffy's crew by turning them into beautiful women, one by one and have them convince luffy to give her a chance, possibly using them as her and his concubines.  


straightforward but gimmicky idea for a spyro story in honour of his reignited trilogy. While this can be done any way you like i personally see the characters in this story as either anthropomorphised or mostly humanised, but still with their traits lile spyro's horns and elora's legs.


as a reward for saving avalor yet again, elora has decided to arrange an actual beach vacation for spyro with herself coming along to show him to his accomidations and help him settle in. It turns out, spyro’s never actually relaxed before, due to being too focussed on his warrior goals (going by his ‘great warrior falls to love thing’) and dragonfly upbringing and while doing so he starts to notice things about elora…. like the way she sways her hips and juts out her rear (since most depictions of her tend to emphasise her "i’m a faun pose")….. and elora like how this is going, playing it up. Elora decides to stay a while longer, and we get a chapter or two of her flirting and him flustered.


you can leave it at here, and have him figure it out and pair up with her, ending with their first night


you can have his old friend cynder at the hotel, at a self-discovery retreat to recover from her brainwashing and evil, and quickly realises spyro’s suddenly taking an interest in her….. noticing things like the way her broach lays in her cleavage (if anthropomorphised or humanised) or the arch of her neck.

then he introduces her to elora and it turns out spyro (being new to noticing girls) is TERRIBLE at hiding his interest and the girls realise this is a rival with a history right away. so cynder sweet talks spyro into inviting her to join them and invite spyro to joing her at the retreat, which elora joins as well.

what follows is a series of holiday activities where one, the other or both use it to entice spyro away from the other and grab his attention.


examples include asking his opinion on swimsuits, beach volleyball (where he gets to watch elora crouch and leap and cynder ‘bounce’ in the air. A tie for his interest) 

watching them waterski (in soaking clothes and hair with glittering skin/fur/scales (mostly a tie, but elora manages to hip-check cynder off-balance since steadying herself with her wings backfires)

pool and reef swimming (cynder is a much better athletic and fast swimmer and pulls of a poolside look but elora sneaks spyro off and signs up to explore a reef) 

or yoga classes (where they brush up against spyro. elora’s legs give her difficulty so cynder outlasts her).

spyro has odd dreams, sensual about the girls he doesn’t understand.

 but each of them manages to confess and acheve a special first time night which he isn;t dense enough to ignore.

elora while on a forrested observatory outpost and cynder while spelunking.

you could have a keijo match between them to entice spyro….. during which they both land breast (cynder) and butt (elora) first on spyro

Feel free to throw in other girls or leave it with these two, but write an established relationship to build on.


I'm aware cynder wasn't in the trilogy, my current explanation is that the portal summons him from the legends world in this universe, so he alternates bewteen the two settings and spending time with the two girls.




so, the premise of the avengers academy mobile game is that everyone’s college age and enrolled in ‘avengers academy’. evil organisations like hydra, aim and thanos’s army are treated as rival schools, while still torturing their students, committing crimes and terrorist-like attacks.

hero school, villain schools, so to speak.

i just thought it could be a neat concept to play around with.

In this setring, spidey is a collede age hero in a live-in university which he uses as spiderman's home base. The univeristy houses swveral hwroes and hwro trainigs as well as an actual standard unjversity to preserve secret identities and deniability. While there he is dating mary jane (also a student) and spendinf his nights as spiderman. but black cat finds claims spiderman as hers, and when peter tells her everything to prevent misunderstandinng mary janes declares war on black cat to keep her away drom her man. This, unfortunatly clues black cat in on who spidey is.... but mj doesn't know who SHE is. To deal with black cat, mj recruuts her friends gwen and felica hardy, and to dela with mary, cat recruits screwball and silver sable. Thinking her inside as felica gives her an edge, cat does not relaise sable has plans of her own.

when it becomes public knowledge both peter and spidey are taken it rapidly became apparent that they had a lot of admirers. While many of thses girls start flirting or makig deals with mj and cat, gerting deaged into their little civil war, sable has gathered a small team of supervillains and set her own plan in motion to win spiderman over.

a sub-plot is after black cat figures out who spidey is and starts messing with him to get a rise, doing things like wearing spidey underwear, offering to show ‘because we’re all friends here’ and telling peter she’s into mary jane herself and describing what she’d do in great detail. her exact wording is ‘i’m right there with you’. and maybe making it look like she’s making out with mary (leaning in for a close look and taking advantage of angles) and giving her encouraging slaps then winking at peter.


Or that's what I'm thinking right now. Still workinng out some of the details.


Girls include: 

Four main girls.

mary (his longtime girlfriend and support)

gwen (her roommate. In love with peter spectacular spiderman style, but he never noticed. Still supports him and mj)

felicia (old friend who suddenly has an interest in peter and loves teasing him. Secretly the campus theif, black cat who lives to draw out spiderman)

silver sable: see below


Civilain friends and co-students, ppotential other girls

Betty (student relations manger)

 Ava the white tiger from ultimate spiderman (academic and athletic rival to peter even before empowerig with comical grade priorities)

kitty pride (canon crush on him, and i have a weakness since i read a team up. Here she's a massive spiderman and peter fan too shy to make a move and too unlucky when she does. Creates a fake villain identoty to join the program)

liz allen/firestar/screwball (campus prankster, felicia's roommate and occasional spiderman decoy. See below)

Yuri wantabe

Anya corazon

Khamala kahn (media student and spiderman-blogger. Knows what the public opinion of heroes is and who's being shipped with who)

Squirrel girl (voted all time cutest tush on campus and sworn enemy to the kravenoffs. Certain animal chemicals they use can leave her surprisingly nut hungry.

Madame web (her age varies, find one which suits you. Maybe hormonal teenage madam web did this)

Debra Whitman

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

Black Widow


Jessica Jones

Julia Carpenter




campus villains


doreen the white rabbit a rich girl who thinks that she inherently deserves a superhero boyfriend and creates a persona to hunt him down when he isn’t interested. or she tries to seduce peter into doing her homework and refuses to accept no, to the point of caring about that more than the homework. as a gag on his ongoing poverty, he could not be able to stand her but cave quite often because her bribes pay his bills.

Bomshell sr being one of his teachers and juniour one of his fellow students. they take shifts, covering for each other to throw off any suspicion on one of them. (for those who don;t know bombshell is a mother-daughter pair of superpowered theives who got their powers from a presumed failed experiment when the mother was un-knowingly pregnant)

ana kravenoff is still in training and much more interested in modern hunting techniques and social behaviour while still learning the classics from her dad. as a nod to kraven marvel’s spiderman, she livestreams her hunts, including the ongoing one with spidey. she’s also very blatantly interested in him and trying to keep her dad from knowing her fans ship them hard.

Screwball. world’s first live-streaming supervillain. she could be in a continuous rivalry with ana over views and spidey. Her main interaction could be challenging him to bring in hits on her show. she obviously jumps in to help him against ana at times. While liz is technically a camous villain she sides with spidey at the drip of a hat and even impersonates him from.time to time to throw.people of his scent. She's felicia's friend and supporting character.

scorpina (goverment asasin, goverment unknown) a student from a rival school who decided to trash the place by building a super-suit and framing it as a random villain attack. if they’re holding some kind of science contest, she could simply be sabotaging the cmopetion/ or maybe she’s drawing out spidey for observation under ana’s orders, making her a professional spider-distraction.

Keemia marko, as said before, is a homeless runaway and part of an outreach education program peter is enlisted in, so he tutors her part time. her dad has no idea where she is and is motivated in this version by finding her. she has some bitter feelings towards him and like in marvel’s spiderman, the same powers.

francine beck is a bit of an egotist actress, but nowhere near as bad as her father. she’s overdramatic and friendly with her fellow students and doing an engineering degree alonside drama in order to learn special effects. which brings her in contact with peter. she is very fond of him and his dramatic life and walking comedy tendencies but blames spiderman for her father’s long absences in her life (due to his being in jail and in hiding keeping him from her. in reality he just doesn’t care). she is a very accomplished illusionist and special effects wizz, but no mysterio yet. instead, she’s best at camera-jacking, footage analysis (spotting fakes) and getaways or alibis.

Lady octopus (carolyn trainer, i’ using the marvel’s spiderman design) an egineering student alonside peter and personal pupil of doctor octavius. recognises peter as brilliant and has a slow growing crush based on that and a number of other things, like accidentaly finding out he’s unusually well-built for a nerd and his saving her (as peter) from her old teacher gone mad.

komodo, goverment spook with the lizard formula, could be a girl trying to piggyback doctor connors research or an actual sheild operative sent to tail him.

silver sable, up and coming mafia princess who gets attacked for her family quite a lot and starts coming on to spidey out of appreciation and because she wants a bodyguard and maybe offers to fund him. a somehow less evil white rabbit. Spiderman saves her life at the beginning, while she’s having a crisis of where to go and sable, for want of a better word, FUNDS the supervillainesses to get more time with spiderman and to try out this direction in life.

 we treat her as one of his ‘core’ girlfriends and the supervillainesses as her supporting cast. that is to say we control the pacing by making it about him taking his relationships with mj, gwen, felicia and sable seriously and taking his time, while the villainesses attack and are backed by a mysterious backer (sable). thus she gets to woo him, get to know him better (because unlike the others she doesn’t have a way to find or hang out with him) and have him ‘save her’ from this life. 


Janice lincon, as a nod to her father’s mob history and the beetle’s mercenary career, could be sable’s actual bodyguard, but a mundane one overwhelmed by all this at first, so they steal designs and parts for the beetle armour to gain an edge. janice is pretty much silver’s number two and muscle/enforcer/best friend and her personal super after the upgrade. incredibly loyal and willing to stand by silver be she good or evil, as a nod to both of them having history across the spectrum (silver being a classic somtimes antihero sometimes antihero and beetle being in the thunderbolts). she GLADLY fetches spiderman at her boss’s request and is very grateful for keeping her alive. may have a crush on her boss.


so as i was saying earlier it would be fun for spidery to have these girls fall for him, some as peter, some as spidey and have that be the reason for a new sinister six, they team up to catch their crushes, confess and win them over while holding them far away from anyone else. the spidey girls agree to help the peter girls if they’ll return the favour when it’s their turn. they probably do this because it becomes well known spidey’s dating black cat and peter’s dating mary jane.

I've tried to give them all different motivations and reasons to like him as a nod to the dynamic in spectacular spiderman

given white rabbit’s history of forming teams that ditch her at the drop of a hat since she’s so abrasive and crazy, i’m gonna say it’s her idea  born out of both her perceived boyfriends ‘cheating’ on her, and while the girls take up the idea they don;t include her in the plan.

they probably go after peter first since they’re new to supervillaining and he’s an easy taget. plus his reactin to hearing the plan, both targets and his being used as bait to draw out spidey would be hilarious.


Vaillainous maybes


Charlotte winter, madame web’s granddaughter. she could be really fun for messing with timelines or as a plot person.

joystick….. not much on her. she’s an adrenaline junkie who enters illegal superhuman gladiator contests, so given the name maybe seeing spidey inspired her to take up real-assasin’s creed stlye free-running and  videogame-inspired fighting and thrills?

also, instead of she-venom, eddie’s ex girlfriend, what if the symbiote was an independent harem member? simlar to suu, from monster musume or ship in you ben 10 story, and capable of becoming a costume for anyone or groping them. alternativly, in the future-storyline of spidergirl, the venom symbiote is bonded to mary jane, which might work here and allow for her to join in heroics.


In a nod to how in spectacular spiderman the criminals make supervillains to distract him from their crimes, sable has basically decided she wants out of the mafia and wants HIM to be the one to take her out, but since unlike mj, gwen and felicia she can only be with him when under attack, she makes attacks.

loyal bodyguard becoming beetle is the first, then scorpia, then others. as she begins to get an inkling of who he is she can make a move on peter parker and start flirting/helping him out and getting villainesses closer to home.

Thisi forces the heroines to stop fightinf and keep the outside threat away feom their man by teaming up with him.

The cause is not revealed right away though, to keep soms mystery abour it.

PLUS, it helps keep a larger cast manageable by making them sable’s sub characters. like how in lewd new world each wife has her own girls? sable and followers would be his ‘villain’ batch of girls


Part two a variation that builds on the above.

 But on a grander scale.

essentially, having noticed black-cat, screwball, and other anti-heroes to almost-villains having switched sides (and schools) for spiderman a joking project is suggested: reform to win dates with spiderman.

It's a student psychology slash social studies or criminal law project submitted for approval and given a dummy proof of concept run. What no one expected was several villainesses seeing it and treating it as a 'would you play nice for a shot at spidey' survey.... or being kooky enough to actually beleive it's real.

Sheild finds out and asks spidey about it, bringing him to the helicarrier to explain what it is. Spidey had not heard of it or given it much thought (it's probably still at his school though) and is curious why sheild thought he was involved..... until he realises they didn't, they like the idea and invited him here to catch and force him to go through with it.

Spiderman has to  act as parole officer and advisor/aide in echange for dates to any villainess willing to switch sides. And in return they get thechance to seduce him (slash make join me speeches, spy on sheild, boost public opionion and be seen as 'reformed', comvimce him to support their cause. Depends on the girl. Some of them are his fellow heroes in villain disguise)

meanwhile his female allies (mainly gwen and mj) are outraged for him andjoin him to support him and keep away unwanted villainess attention…. and keep it on themselves. so black cat and screwball starts running interference with THEM to give others (mostly themselves) a chance... and mess with their old rivals.


There are three groups, main girlfriends from before the mess, sinister six girls (who either want peter not spidey, or don't qualify for the program for various reasons and want to get him away from all theseother girls) and the 'reform program girls', at least one of whom is just a heroine trying badly to keep up a charade so she can have a chance and spidey sort of goign along with it to make his friend trying to date him like this less awkward. This allows multiple group dynamics which keeps a bigger cast memorable and interesting. I.e it creates parralel narratives with respective supporting casts that, while they CAN interact and mix, you generally only have to remember a few once you work out 'okay where in THIS part of the story again'

In other words, home team, rivals, misc challengers. The real conest is between the two groups of main girlfriends, with the program prociding 'minster of the week' syle dates or introducing new girls as misc challengers.

Any misc challenger whos stands out or is fun to write can become a bigger character.


Each has a differwnt kind of drama going on that sometimes spills into the other but mostly stays as seperate casts so you don't have to memorise too many at once. The old favourites would indeed be that, while trying to keep the project girls at bay. This is mostly peter parker drama but also involves sloce of life stuff and friendlyi teractions between each other and support.

The sinister six is a more standard hero-ish with a romance twist and comedy, what with a lot of them either fighting him or being saved by him. They are still romantic, but are also a break from the genre to have some action and fun with battles.

The project is more a flavour-of-the-day comedy with little fixed cast but potential to introduce characters into the other two groups. It also goes in various directions based on which girl gets used and is mostly just fun dates and characters playing off each other


I dream of genie bewitched crossover.

Jeanie and samantha grew uo together, but the last time they saw each other was over a human lifetime ago. Which causes a problem when samantha's fiance, major melson, accidentally unottles jeaine and she falls in love at first sight. The two friends/rivals are competing over the same man, and while she planned to tell him she was a witch samantha sadly hadn't gotten arpund to it yet, so she has to pretend she knows nothing about magic whole she does.

And that's BEFORE the sisters get involved.


Astro boy mega man crossover


practice), an astro boy megaman crossover where astro is the harem protagonist with girls from both his own and megaman's series, with rockgirl as his partner in protecting the city. Both human (cora from the movie and kalinka) and robot girls (like splash woman, quake woman, honey woman and lightning the theif) and some aliens (like tamami). Rockgirl slowly falls for astro, amd possibly gets curvier and curvier as part of her 'adaption system'. A glitch caused by her attraction to astro.


She also gets doggy ears, a tail and collar when using the rush upgrade amd cat ears when upgrading with eddie

As a reference to his..... interesting refuelling method and powerful energy reserves, astro can supercharg robots for combat via anal

The human girls would likely get combat armour or guyver armer of some sort..... or jusy stay human. Either way.


El goonish shive. 

Grace,  Tedd and Sarah have entered a triagomous relationship,  and after watching it work for a while,  Susan approaches Eliot and Ashley with an offer to do the same. What they don't know is BOTH these little families will grow. 


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