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Imogene Blackwater


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This one started out the clearly STOLEN story with the statement

Okay I'm going to make this VERY clear since I can't seem to post ANYTHING on this fucking sight without being accused of plagiarism, and to be honest I'm quite sick of it! I wrote a Softer Sin FOUR YEARS AGO for a friend of mine, Mike, for his birthday. He's always loved my stories and asked me if I could write something about him involving some romance (something he was really wanting but lacking at the time.) so I did! About a year after that I found out that a sight I love, Gaiaonline, had an area for posting written work I hadn't found Adultfanfic yet so I thought 'why not?'. If anything the person should be accused of copying ME not the other way around! I hate plagiarism with a passion, it disgusts me that an artist would deliberatly copy someone else and let me just ask you this. Look at my other works will you? Death's Angel, Gypsy Moon, Much Ado About Nothing, ect. Does it look like I NEED to copy someone? I'm not narsasitic enough to think I'm brilliant but I do think I'm okay to pretty good I DO NOT need to copy. As for style just look at Gyspy Moon and Much Ado About Nothing! There styles are completly different and they're only a year or so apart at best! Oh and thank you for the insult to my grammer and spelling, my grammer has never been that bad just my spelling and did you really think I would just hand over the story with minimal editing? For God's sake it was a brithday present for a good friend of mine, I edited it for like a week and then had my Grammer and Spelling Nazi friend Cecelia go through it (and let me tell you THAT was an adventure)! And Lucetta not only did your link NOT TAKE ME TO THE STORY, but I couldn't even FIND the thing on that freakin' sight. Also to leave a flame and not an email is just pure cowardly. I'm sticking by what I said, after all I've been accused of plagiarism before by someone else's fan and a week later I get a post from said author telling me that they saw MY work and it gave them ideas similar for their own (Just look at reviews for Death's Angel). A Softer Sin is mine, and I'd be willing to go to court to prove that and keep it.

Mind you, the original story was uploaded to afislash.com 3 years ago. The version here, by the plagiarist, was added to the archive 6/29/08

The original story


the story that was here and no longer is


Notice that other than changing the character NAMES, the wording is identical.

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