Digital Adventure

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Technology advanced to the point where you wear something that let's you can connect to the internet and can see virtual reality without a headset with it you can even understand any language

The main character is a 18 year old girl your choice what her name but to make this easier to write I'll call her Kasumi and looks are but she has to be Japanese she just got into a argument with her dad when she decided to tell her parents she is a lesbian her mom was trying to be supportive but she then learned that her dad can't accept his daughter was a lesbian as she was laying on her bed a blue screen appeared in front of her face letting her know that she got a email all it said was "Kasumi please help us" before she knew she was sucked in

When she came to she was in a location she never seen before and egg was by her after touching the egg it hatched into twin YukimiBotamon as she was walking she found a village with some strange creatures she never seen before (the Digimon) and some other humans with creatures like her she after after introducing herself she and the other humans (how many is up to you but they have to be 18) learned from one of the Digimon want Digimon are and what was wrong with the digital world she was asked who her partner was after she told them about her two Digimon it became talk of the village because the Digimon never heard of two Digimon coming from the same egg

I wasn't long until her YukimiBotamon digivolve into Nyaromon and then into Salamon after one of the other humans Digimon digivolve into champion level (your choice if you want them to act like in the anime where they go back to rookies if you do it this way the reason the Digimon give is the bigger they are the more energy and food they need so they stay in the rookie level if you want them to act like in the games and stay digivolve the don't need more energy but only slightly more food) her Salamons digivolve into a Gatomon and BlackGatomon (if you do the anime way they can stay in champion level like how Gatomon did)

Eventually the one who decided to be leader was getting pissed no one was listening to him/her and they was acting like Kasumi was the leader he/she believing his/her Digimon was stronger than both of her's challenged her winner was the leader loser leaves the group doing the fight Gatomon digivolves into Angewomon and BlackGatomon digivolves into LadyDevimon shocking all the humans because they thought Digimon can only go to champion level both Angewomon and LadyDevimon tried to make it fair by having him/her pick who fights but like his/her human partner he/she was arrogant and lost to them both

As they was trying to do with the danger to the digital world the human how left the group joined the danger betrayed his/her Digimon to get a stronger Digimon all to beat Kasumi but before he/she could fight the group he/she was sent to wreak havoc on the human world

Until you want Angewomon and LadyDevimon to go mega they DNA digivolve into Mastemon but when they can go mega they stop DNA digivolving this only happens if you do it the anime way not the game way as DNA digivolving wouldn't be permanent in the anime way Angewomon's mega is Ophanimon and LadyDevimon's mega is Lilithmon

The group eventually learns how to cross between worlds how many deal with the dangers problems in both

If you want Kasumi can start a relationship with one of the other girls in the group but she has to have sex with her Digimon partners as Angewomon and LadyDevimon, as Mastemon, and as Ophanimon and Lilithmon

The rest of the group can be any nationality you want and their Digimon partner can be any thing you want

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