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Beta Readers for Crappy MM Werewolf Series

CL Mustafic

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I’m looking for a couple of betas who would give me an opinion on my new series. It’s a MM evolving into a MMM, shifter romance with werewolves. The first and second books are done and each run about 50k words, give or take and I have plans to write a third. I’d like people who could commit to reading all three.

I’m not looking for intensive beta reading. I need opinions on the general plot and such, not grammar help or anything like that. If you enjoy shifter books, you’re the person I’m looking for. 

The first book is already contracted for publishing in the summer of 2019 and they’re just waiting on me to get them the second to set the date for it also, so I’m offering a free copy of the books once they’re published, and if you’d like I’ll include your name in the acknowledgements. 

Please either comment here, send me a pm or you can reach me by email at bangbangramallama@gmail.com

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