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Kim and her mommy's beach vacation


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I have so many projects that I need to prioritize. So, I’m putting this story up for adoption. Anybody willing to take it is welcome.

PenName: lilo1013

Story Title: Kim and her mommy’s beach vacation

Genre: FF Yuri Inc

Pairing: Kim/Ann

Summary:  Kim spend two weeks at a private beach bungalow resort with her mother, Dr. Ann Possible. Once there, they fall into a bond that only a mother and daughter could share.

Chapters: 4

Link: http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095381

Basic Details: A simple Inc Mother Daughter story. Kim and Ann fall into a new bond. During the two week vacation, they feel the bond get stronger.

Contact: brycewade1013@gmail.com

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