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F+/f multi/ Azula

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After the hundred  war is over Azula becomes the scapegoat that is blamed for everything. Leading to an Azula that has has recovered from her brackdown at the end of the war being taken by Toph,Ty Lee,Mia,the kyoshi Warriors and some oc waterbending healers(or katana if she is not to busy with Anag) on a trip around the earth kingdom,the fire nation and water tribes to show the utter defeat of Sozins ambitions.

On the trip Toph should do things like metal bend A iron mask onto Azula that lets her hear every thing said to her but keeps her mute in the fire nation she is put un the mask and left in the stocks in each town they pass threw were she has is forced to listen to then verbal abuse yelled at her by her own nation that she though loved her. she should also be flogged for each person in that town or village that died because of the war only for her to be healed by the waterbenders before they reach the next town.(Azula should only be touched by the girls traveling with her)

Toph should also use her metalbending to create stocks and other types of bondage equipment to use on Azula. She should also use her metalbending to Put a metal buttplug in Azula that can't betaken out with out the use of metalbending so that even if Azula escapes she will eventually have to come crawling back to toph to have it removed.

During the trip Ty Lee should teach the Kyoshi Warriors how to chi block useing Azula as test dummy. The Kyoshi Warriors should also be there to gaurd Azula both to make sure she doesn't escape and to make sure that she is not killed.

The final place that Azula should be take is the spirt oasis at the north pole were she is judged by the spirits with Yue the new moon spirit handing out the punishment which to be extra cruel should include the restoration of her sanity so she knows exactly what has happened to her and what she has lost. And exactly what sort of person she was.

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