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Guest Air Master

Hey I really like Aang so… yeah, what I’m looking for/ challenging is a story where Aang basically sexually dominates all the female characters of the show- though mostly Katara seeing as she is by far the best looking in my eyes.

Rough, bondage, dirty talk, sexual torment, risk of getting caught, and cum coverings are all good

Piss, disfigurement, torture/ beating- NO

Also if whoever takes up the challenge wants Legend of Korra girls (I don’t like that version of Avatar) Korra would be a Northern Tribe girl, and Asami would be Mai’s sister or cousin.

To make the girls more sexualized:

All: Highly addicted to sex as soon with Aang after he ‘claims’ them

Katara (starts as a virgin, only one Aang holds real romatic feelings for)- Bubble butt, genital worshiper, overly sensitive physically

Toph (sexual deviant because of parent issues)- gangbang lover, past experience at Earth Rumble

Suki (never been with a guy but has had lots of intercourse with the other Kyoshi warriors)- strip dancing

Yue (starts as a virgin)- partial dress, extra large chest

Azula (one or two guys were her bitches in the past)- loves to be dominated/humiliated

Mai (has held several lovers becaue ‘she was bored’)- bondage lover

Tai Lee (starts as a virgin)- Sensitive chest, thick thighs, flexible (duh)

Korra (was the Northern tribes bicicle before Aang came along)- Bubble butt (not quite Katara’s), cum fetish

Asami (starts as a virgin, experiance as a tease and with BJs)- provocative dress, public

If anyone is up for it— there’s got to be at least one of you— or just knows a few good lemon fics featuring Aang, please let me know and leave a link.

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I’d read this. It’s been a while since I saw the show though so I don’t think I’ll be writing it. But what about that girl from when Aang went to Fire Nation school? Is that Jin? I feel like that was someone else.

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Guest Air Master

No Jin is the one from Zuko’s time in Ba Sing Sa, your thinking about On Ji. Completely forgot about her.

Lets go with- Worked the school glory holes behind Hide’s back, and was the school whore.

Petite, likes it really rough.

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