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The Las Vegas Trip in Originals

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I don’t much promote my stories because I’m into really weird things, but I think I’ve had some success with some straight-up PWP suggested by another poster here.

Author:  Keith

Title:  The Las Vegas Trip

Summary:  A guy has a bad breakup right before a romantic vacation.  He goes anyway and finds a beautiful woman being ignored by her husband who’s at the tables.  They find something to do with their free time.  Mostly sex, and some more sex.

Feedback:  Comments would be lovely.

Fandom:  Original

Pairing:  Our hero, the ignored wife (not his) and eventually her sister

Warnings:   3Plus ChallengeFic MF Oral Toys  (and, um, no shrinking, giants, aliens, not-quite- or not-entirely-human characters, no magic, no shape shifting, no one taken back to the home planet as a pet/sex toy...)

Ten chapters.


Edited by Keith Inc.

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