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It's all began because of curiosity

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Guest Draynuy

For this challenge, Lily is the oldest of Harry’s children and she is five years younger than Teddy; Rose is the same age than Lily

It’s all began when Harry has stumbled by accident on Teddy occuped to masturbed, only he was not as a male but as a female. Surpised and excited by the situation, Harry propose, without thinking, to take the experience further along and Teddy accept eagerly; both thought it will only be a one time thing, but after this experience Teddy cannot stop to come again, again and again, becoming totally addicted to having sex with Harry.

Ginny discovers quickly the new relationship but in place of feeling anger or betrayal, she is aroused and wants to join the fun, furthermore she discover that Harry, who has never lacked in stamina and libido, had an increase in both and she wonder if it will the case with a new girl or even multiple new girls.

Hermione complains about Ron to Ginny, saying that since the birth of Hugo her husband has touched her lesser and lesser. Ginny hasten herself to propose to try Harry, eager to test her new theory. Hermione is quickly converted and Harry gains a new girl and a boost in sexual progress.

Teddy decides to add his girlfriend to his new relationship with his godfather, Victoire becomes quickly as addicted to Harry than her boyfriend / girlfriend.

One day, Rose goes into her house to see her mother being fucked silly, on the kitchen table; unable to do anothing but observe the scene and wait for her turn, from this day she is become a slut for her favorite uncle and her crush.

Since her eleventh year, Lily has never stopped to spy the sexual progress of her dad:  with her mother, with Teddy in female form, with her aunt Hermione and even with her cousin Victoire but when she see her favorite cousin Rose being added to the list, she decides that she too will become part of her dad’s harem.

One act must be the marriage of Teddy and Victoire, where Harry visist each one of his girls and where both new “Husband” and wife pronoun their vows with their stomach and their womb full of Harry’s seeds. The Honeymoon takes place on a private island of the Potters with Harry and all of his girls.

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Guest 1196

Interesting idea. Would love to read this if someone has attempted this or share the link of something similar they encountered.

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