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Last Legion (2007)

Guest PacWarrior

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Guest PacWarrior

I’m looking for an adult fanfic based on the 2007 movie, “The Last Legion.”


The main villain in the movie, Odoacer, is trying to become the new ruler of Rome by killing the last heir to Roman Emperor, Romulus. During the movie, Romulus is protected by his bodyguards and mysterious female warrior from India, Mira. I would like a story, where Odoacer and his men initially fight the bodyguards and discovers Mira is among them. He then plans to capture Mira. Another fight ensues where Mira puts up a valiant effort but is ultimately captured. She is stripped of her weapons and armor and becomes Odoacer’s concubine. And, at the end she becomes pregnant to produce an heir for Odoacer’s new dynasty.



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