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The Road to Progress!

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Firstly, I'd like to welcome all the new users we're seeing daily! Glad to have you here! Please do familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. This IS a moderated archive.

Software Upgrade

Thank you to all of you for your patience through the process. We all appreciate it!

New/returned features

  • Anonymous reviews – You can now turn on or off your ability to receive anonymous reviews, in your control panel.

  • Tagging system -
    The tags are now in their own field, which means that they no longer count towards the character count for your summary. Ran into a bit of a wall with the search and certain unique characters which are ALSO used in scripting operations, so the tags themselves have those characters removed. These would be /, -, &. For now, if you could remove the slashes in your tags field, that'll make it much easier to find in the new search system

  • Summaries -
    The summary field has been changed to allow for at least 600 characters (including spaces), so that authors can now be more verbose if they choose to be. We do recommend that you keep the character count down to around 600.

  • Co-authoring
    You can now add up to TWO authors by user ID number, into your story as co-authors. How this affects Terms of Service, for example, is now when we ask for permissions from your co-author, it will only apply to OFFSITE co-authors, not the ones that are already on the site.
    The posting author maintains control of the story, but the co-author can add his or her chapters, as well as EDIT/DELETE them.

  • Round Robins
    Contributing authors to round robins can edit their own contributions. The posting author is no longer required by the software to do so. As before, the posting author (story host) of the round robin maintains complete overall control of the story itself.

  • NEW Search
    The search now allow you to use TWO or more characters in the field, to search by tags, to filter by category, search by summary content, author name, title, all in the same search. This is why the adjustment to tags mentioned above. Now, on that note, for now, tags which currently have /, -, & in the tag, are not searchable. This is why those characters have been REMOVED from those tags. In the meantime, if you could remove the characters yourselves, while we work out a faster way to do this throughout the database, that will be very helpful!

  • Adding stories
    Direct file uploads are disabled. When using the rich text editor, if copying your text from a plain text editor such as notepad, CLICK the clipboard icon on the far left (paste from clipboard) or you will get wallotext. This should also work for .rtf files such as wordpad. You'll have to tweak it a bit, but the tools are in the menu bar to do exactly that. With word processing programs, such Open Office, Libre Office, and Word, use the “paste from word” icon which is on the far RIGHT.

The Comics chapter table

Restoration of the corrupted data is ongoing. I was finally, after approximately 100 hours of trying/retrying the character conversion, to be able to get it done successfully on that table from a back up copy. As data has been added to the table since the conversion, I'm currently adding it back a story at a time, where there is an issue. I am looking at a quicker way to do it, but want to test that outside of the current active table.

Dribs, Drabs and Doggy Tales

This will resume next Sunday, June 12th. I've been working ridiculous hours IRL, and simply didn't find the time to update it.

Funding Status

As always, we appreciate and thank everyone who can donate. It's certainly not required of the users, but every little bit helps!

Manta decided to add a tracker to raise funds for the amount I've been paying every month. Thank you, ALL of you! It means the world to me that you're covering that shortfall!

Special shout out to Fairy-Slayer! Without his donation, the bill for the software would not be paid!

Deletion notification

For Accounts

When deleting an account because the user is underage, a plagiarist, or whatever else would be a reason to delete one entirely, we do NOT send a notification.

For Stories

When deleting stories, this is done for non compliance with the ToS. Stories are HIDDEN long before they are deleted. The user is told there is an issue, and given 7 days to comply before the story is hidden. Upon hiding, the story is left for 30 or more days (it ends up being more when I have a heavy work load IRL) before it is deleted. If the issue is CORRECTED, the story is restored to public view.

Disposable email

Disposable emails are not checked, and we don’t allow registration with them. Upon finding an account registered with a disposable email address, it is deleted.

Email address visibility

By default, the email address is hidden when you register. It will only display if you put it in the bio area of your profile. In the review boards, if you are asked for your email address when leaving one, you are NOT logged in. If you don’t want your email address visible there, input the word private INSTEAD of your email address.

Newly published!

ChrissyQuinn has been picked up by Loose ID

The_CL has been picked up by Torquere Press

Congratulations to you both!

Tech Bits

Archive rewrite

On the front end, the part that you, the users see and use, all that's left to rewrite is the reviewing function!

Tech support, directions given

Just to reiterate, when I email out step by DIRECTIONS on how to do something, that is exactly what they are. Not suggestions, but directions. If followed as stepped out, it works very well. This means that the user must follow them in the order the steps are given.

Please remember that the authors you read do like to hear from you! Leave them a review or two, and let them know how they're doing!


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From Nexcess:

On June 23, Nexcess will apply an important update to libcurl on your server in the Eastern United States between 22:00 and 02:00 in the time zone local for your server.

The libcurl update addresses the following concern:
Previously, versions 1.1 and 1.2 of the TLS protocol were disabled by default in libcurl. Consequently, clients were required to explicitly enable these TLS versions in utilities based on libcurl in order to allow these utilities to securely communicate with servers that do not accept SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 connections. With this update, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are no longer disabled by default in libcurl. Clients can, however, explicitly disable them through the libcurl API.

During this maintenance period, your site may experience a brief service disruption while the PHP-FPM service is restarted on the server. We anticipate restarting the service will take less than a few minutes.

We apologize for the service disruption, and will work hard to ensure that the outage is as short as possible

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Hi DemonGoddess,

I am updating my links to all my favorite story pages and authors. I was able to access the "search by story title" page from my old links, but the old links have now disappeared. Is there a link to the new search page? I used it a few times and it was very nice but now I can only see a "Find a Member" page.



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