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A YYH and HP crossover please

Guest Pariah Alchemist

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Guest Pariah Alchemist

If someone can, please write this.

The idea I have for this is that Hiei and Harry are mates/married/made up demon term for spouse. This happens before the Yu Yu team got together. After Hiei is caught and put on probation Harry shows up looking for his mate when he doesn't hear from Hiei for awhile.


  • Harry is a two-three tailed kitsune
  • Harry's name can be Harry or any name you wish
  • The back story for Hiei and Harry meeting has Hiei rescuing Harry from a black market villain. (example: Hiei learns a high class criminal has a demon who cry's jewels and thinks it's yukina because he can't find her)
  • How Harry ended up with a black market villain is up to you.
  • Harry meeting the gang by showing up at a tournament/showing up at the temple when everyone is there/on a mission in demon world a team mate is injured bad enough that it's not safe to travel and Hiei takes them to his home sense it's safer than hiding in a cave. If you can come up with a different way for Harry to meet the gang i'd be happy to see it.
  • While Harry is upset with Hiei he (Harry) doesn't slap or hit Hiei for any reason (with exception of sparing) Harry just cry's and Hiei feels bad.
  • Harry can get pregnant (I'm a huge fan of mpreg) for whatever reason you can come up with (gender-bend(I'm ok with it though I prefer mpreg)/hermaphrodite/magic/etc)
  • Story is based in japan.
  • While im cool with kinks like bondage or a little blood play and would love to see DomHiei and SubHarry please no hardcore kinks such as Scat, watersport, etc.
  • I'm cool with Hiei and Harry's backstory being told in flash backs or being written as leading up to Hiei getting caught and becoming apart of the yu yu gang.
  • Harry learns magics by watching and eavesdropping on his captors (boss man villain or one of his guards).
  • I'd like a fluffy scene where Hiei and Harry dance, if you can fit that in somewhere...it could lead to fun in bed.

I would love to see what you can do with this and i'd like to see how you think a mate would affect Hiei and how Harry would affect the team and help on missions. Please send me a link to the story once you start writing.

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